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What is Ganarpro

Ganarpro specializes in developing a suite of construction management software products, including finding customers, pricing solutions, quoting applications, and marketing. The company's cloud-based solutions enable organizations to streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, and improve productivity. Ganarpro’s platform offers a wide range of integrated applications and tools, including sales automation, and analytics.

How accurate is the calculator

The bid amount price for the cleaning services will be based on the building's cleanable square footage, location, and usage type. The number of stories can also be factored in to increase the bid amount. Additionally, you can adjust the bid amount to align with your desired profit margin goals.

What method do you use to forecast my profit margin?

Our estimation of your profit margin takes into account several factors, including the estimated labor payroll, overhead, mobilization, and supplies expenses. By dividing the bid amount by the sum of these expenses, we arrive at an estimated profit margin.

What is the source of the projects?

Ganarpro receives numerous invitation to bid requests each week from commercial general contractors. Our team of researchers identifies and confirms missing project details to ensure the quality of information provided to subcontractors. Additionally, Ganarpro utilizes a planroom algorithm that stores planrooms with bidding and under construction projects.

Is Ganarpro an engagement platform?

Here's a revised version of the text: "No, there are no outbound emails available to reach contacts. However, you can access the email addresses of decision makers on projects and email them from your own Gmail account. Contact Outreach provides downloadable contacts, allowing you to email them outside the platform."

Is it possible to submit bids through Ganarpro?

Here's a revised version of the text: "No, you cannot send emails directly through Ganarpro. The platform does not have outbound email capabilities, and you cannot communicate with contacts through it. You need to download your proposal or estimate and then email the contact outside of Ganarpro."

Is it possible to customize the cleaning proposal templates?

At present, you can choose from various template types based on the building usage type, such as Retail, Restaurant, or Education. However, it is not possible to edit the scope or any other section of the proposal directly within Ganarpro. You would need to download the document to Word and make any necessary changes outside of the platform.

What was the process used to confirm the various scopes of work for different project types?

Our team examined numerous cleaning scopes of work developed by estimators and project managers for various building types. We compiled the most common scopes of work to create a comprehensive scope of work for each project type.

Is it possible to submit every prequalification application?

Absolutely. Your business can complete more than 1,000 blank vendor applications available on Ganarpro PreQualify. However, it is important to carefully follow the submission instructions provided for each application to ensure that your company is added to their bid list.

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