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Trouble signing in

How to regain access to your Ganarpro account if you can no longer sign in or have forgotten some of your login information.

How accurate is the calculator

The cleanable square footage of the building along with the location and the building usage type will determine the bid amount price. You can lower or increase the price to match your profit margin goals.

How can you predict my profit margin

We estimate your on the job payroll, overhead costs, and 1 hidden cost (mobilization cost). divide bid amount / the sum of 3 expenses to calculate a profit margin.

Where do the projects come from

Ganarpro receives hundreds of invitation to bid requests per week from commercial general contractors. Researches confirm missing project details needed for subcontractors bids to be created.

Can I submit bids through Ganarpro

No, there is no bid portal that allows companies to directly submit bids through Ganarpro. Project decision makers are listed with their phone number and email address. Ganarpro helps you price and create construction cleaning proposals.

Can I edit the cleaning proposal templates

You can select different template types based on the building usage type. Ex. Retail, Restaurant, Education. But currently, you can not edit the scope or proposal while within Ganarpo, you have to download the document to word to make editions.

How did you confirm the different scopes of work for all these project types

We took cleaning scopes of work created by estimators and project managers and combined them to create each scope of work per project type.

Can we submit every prequalification application

Yes, your business can fill in over 1,000 blank vendor applications that are listed on Ganarpro PreQualify. Each application has different submission instruction you should follow to confirm your company is on their bid list.

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