What is Ganarpro?

Ganarpro is a construction Information management and collaboration software providing a common data environment and other tools to collaborate.  Ganarpro manages documents, bid management, and  vendor/supplier management.  

Ganarpro’s cloud-based solutions enable organizations to streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, and improve productivity.  Watch video here.  

What is a FCPQ

(Find, Configure, Price and Quote) application suites enable sales organizations to find customers, automate and optimize the creation of quotes.  Ganarpro provides an integrated set of software applications supporting B2B construction bidding and sales activities.  FCPQ systems typically include pricing engines, proposal generators, and tools to find new projects and new customers.

Who is this for

The North American Construction Industry, along with individuals involved in estimating, project management, and entrepreneurship, encompasses a diverse range of businesses serving as subcontractors, suppliers, or general contractors.

Download or in the cloud?

A web application, There is no downloading. The software is a cloud based tool that can be used on mobile and desktop, at any time. All in one application, once you are inside Ganarpro, you can access each application individually or have Projects, Calculator, and Proposal be integrated.

USA building construction industry

Our tools work best for united states based cleaning companies. All 4 apps inside Ganarpro can be used for companies that complete the Final clean scope. Other trades can utilize Projects, and PreQualify. The data inside Ganarpro contains active commercial general contractors who look for vendors and subcontractors to work together.

Estimating Prices and Costs

Ganarpro Calculator estimates an accurate construction cleanup price along with costs and profits. We will create calculators for every major construction trade that estimates building construction trades.


Ganarpro creates templates to help business fill in documents that can be used as proposals or company marketing information. We have a document generator that contains construction cleanup proposals and we share our cleanup proposal templates made for easy downloading.


Ganarpro sources active construction projects from the pre construction bidding phase until the project is complete. Use a map or view data in table reports to find new customers or analyze activity in different regions


General contractors want subcontractors to become qualified by sharing your company information. This reduces risk and increases vendor network for the general contractors. Ganarpro shares over 1,000 general contractor blank applications.


Ganarpro enables sales teams to quickly configure, price and quote (CPQ) construction services with complete accuracy and reliability—directly in Ganarpro. The ability to automate the generation of sales proposals helps to further enhance and accelerate the sales process.

Ganarpro CPQ Benefits

* Pricing, costs, and profit Accuracy. Customizable business logic prevents pricing errors, saving time and money on accepting the wrong job that will cost you too much to complete or produce lower profit than required. * Drive Efficiency. Error-proof your entire proposal, pricing and project lead cycle by automating processes that were previously manual. * Accelerate Sales. Shorten the sales cycle with the ability to create quotes from integrated project leads.

Challenges Ganarpro CPQ Solves

* Manual Quoting. Take the time-consuming and inefficient manual quoting process and make it one that can be executed with a few clicks. * Inaccurate Bid Amounts. By using configurable business rules and logic, eliminate configuration errors and the need to price jobs at the wrong price with no profit. * Inefficient Sales to Quote Processes. Automatically generates quotes from projects you find inside Ganarpro * Protect Margin Loss. Intuitive pricing and costs prediction capabilities so sales representatives always deliver an accurate price at the highest possible margin.

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