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Cleanup Calculator Predicts Costs & Profit

Ganarpro Cleanup Calculator has an analysis of your costs and expected profit based on the bid amount.  The size of the building determines the resources needed to get the job done.  Our calculator is calibrated to create a for a 40% profit margin.

If you want to see how much you will make on this estimate, Ganarpro Cleanup Calculator can help.

How many people will work the job

An average commercial construction cleaning crew contains 4 laborers. Many construction companies want to see more bodies cleaning. You can lower or increase the expected amount of employees you plan to have on site completing the scope of work.

Hours each person works per day

A full work day is 8 hours. You determine how many hours is most productive for your crew. Construction companies like to see companies on site all day.

Hourly labor rate cost

The hourly price you have to pay your laborers to work on the site. This can range per experience and location. This amount can be changed in your account settings.

Number of days you should expect to be on the site working

Yep, we can estimate how many days you will have to go to the site to complete the scope of work. We divide the bid amount by the price per day to get the number of days you can expect to mobilize.

Profit margin percentage

Calculation of profit amount / bid amount. Easily see if you will make your target profit margin. This can be adjusted by lowering your labor cost, or increasing the bid amount.

Job overhead costs

The default value is 14%, this costs covers: sales, supervisor, supplies, fuel, insurance, compliance/payment softwares. You can adjust this amount.

Project profit amount

We take the bid amount and subcontract all the costs: payroll plus overhead. Expect to retain this amount after receiving all payments and paying all expenses to complete the scope of work.

Project payroll/ labor cost

The number one expense in construction cleaning is people. Some companies pay people daily, weekly or bi weekly. You can have a w2 employee or 1099 contractor.

Job overhead cost amount

Need to spend extra time on removing glue or repairing a damaged floor? This cost can also cover wax, we add 15% to the bid amount. Cost covers machine rental, or expert labor.

Profit per day amount

Knowing how much money you are making per day is great for your opportunity cost. Should you be doing something else.

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