Data in Project Board

Ganarpro Project Board contains 1,000+ commercial building construction projects being built by general contractors.   Projects are listed throughout different cycles of the bidding and building process.  

See and experience how Ganarpro delivers exceptional data quality and coverage.  

Sources of data

Ganarpro gathers and organizes active commercial building projects from invitation to bid requests, online plan rooms, and local business news. We input the data using advanced technologies, and a research team.

Monitor & Update daily

Teams face the challenge of getting access to accurate data. Ganarpro ensures you receive fresh data. When we detect a project stage change or a new decision maker, we adjust, add or remove the information.

Invitation to bid requests

General contractors send invites to potential bidding subcontractors everyday. GC's need companies to estimate their trade during the pre construction phase. Email is the main delivery method with Building Connected being the primary technology utilized.

Construction company website plan room

Corporate public plan rooms allow any subcontractor to visit a webpage and view bidding projects. Plan rooms can also display under construction projects.

Construction company marketing

Break ground celebrations and topping off ceremonies create press releases and news articles in local business news journals. General contractors have Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages that contain under construction projects.

Building construction projects, not civil

Ganarpro only collects vertical building construction projects. 95% of projects inside Ganarpro contain a floor, walls, and a ceiling. Construction types not inside Ganarpro include: roads, bridges, dams, and tunnels.

Active and historical project data

Ganarpro gives you an option o analyze all of our historical projects that are no longer bidding along with projects that are no longer under construction. Use historical data to analyze region activity, or complete other analysis.

Active general contractors

Every construction company inside Ganarpro has been verified to have an active website, employees, and looking for partners in the commercial construction industry.

Project data fields

Project name, street, city, state, square foot size, plans/drawings, number of units, phase, building type, decision maker contacts, added date, pre construction bid date, est. break ground date, completion date, est. updated date, company name, company address, company phone, company website, company working regions.

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