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Feature Upgrade * June 25

Estimate and Proposal Tracking Tags for Projects on Project Research

When you save an estimate or proposal from a Ganarpro project, the save date will appear as a green or blue tag, which includes a clickable URL back to the estimate or proposal. Each project can have a maximum of two tags.

project research

New Release * June 24

Referral invite program share link

Refer another company to Ganarpro, and if they subscribe and pay for at least one month, you'll get free months! It's as easy as inviting people using their email address. Share this link with all your business partners and contractor friends to enjoy many free months of Ganarpro software services—a great way to potentially never pay for Ganarpro again!

invite referral

Feature Upgrade * June 14

Project Research table formatted to have alternating white and grey rows

Banded rows were added to improve readability by making it easier to distinguish between rows.

project research

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Announcement * May 6

Strategic integration with AUTODESK

Historic move for all customers and the construction industry as a whole: Ganarpro & Autodesk have agreed on a strategic integration. This integration improves efficiency and transparency in the bidding and awarding phases of the construction lifecycle and enhances the pre-qualification process by fostering greater clarity and enabling responsive and responsible bidding.

New Release * May 2

Paint Proposal Generator App

Ganarpro has introduced a new offering for commercial paint companies, featuring our services that include a painting proposal generator with four proposal templates.

paint proposal generator

Feature Upgrade * April 18

Add Download and C-Level contacts to Contact Outreach

You can now download an excel sheet that contains 5 columns and up to 50 rows. C-Level contact type has been added, which includes contact titles= contain- Owner, President, Ceo, Chief.

download contact outreach
c-level contact outreach

Feature Upgrade * April 13

Davis Bacon and Union Pricing addition to Calculator and Proposal Generator

The Calculator now increases the bid amount by 70% for union requirement projects and an additional 30% for Davis Bacon prevailing wage. You can adjust these add-on percentages or leave them as default to accurately reflect the new labor price. Additionally, a statement addressing Davis Bacon and Union Requirements has been added to the Proposal.

union davis bacon on proposal
union and davis bacon on proposal

New Release * March 27

Site Visit Sheet App

Create a one-page site visit questionnaire in Ganarpro, printable for job site visits. Alternatively, input directly into the Site Visit Sheet from your tablet or mobile device during the visit. Includes 13 essential questions to ask the superintendent for a comprehensive grasp of the project scope.

site visit sheet app

Feature Upgrade * March 19

Do not break out phase pricing on Proposal Generator

With the click of a button you now have the option to remove the breakdown for Rough Clean, Final Clean, and Fluff Clean Pricing. Now, regardless of whether your scope of work includes all three phases or just two, you'll only see one bid amount price. This simplifies the presentation for clients, as they won't be shown the breakdown price per phase.

Feature Upgrade * March 11

Tags on Projects

We've organized projects using 14 distinct tags to streamline and enhance project description. Each project can be associated with up to 6 tags, significantly improving the project discovery process. Ganarpro's tags to include: Updated This Week, New This Week, Plans & Drawings, Union Requirements, Davis-Bacon, Large Area, Extra Large Area, Medium Area, Extra Small Area, Small Area, Pre-Construction, Breaking Ground Now, Under Construction, Completing Soon, These tags are designed to help users quickly identify projects by their current status, size, and specific requirements.

project board tags

Feature Upgrade * March 2

Hide / Show Cost & Profit Calculator

You can now hide the Cost & Profit section in the Calculator. If you choose to hide this section, the Calculator will remember your preference and keep it hidden until you decide to show it again.

hide show cost profit

Feature Upgrade * February 28

Add to Favorites

Every app now features a star icon, allowing you to mark your preferred services for quick access directly from the homepage. Once you star an app, the default homepage is replaced by a personalized view that showcases only your starred apps, streamlining your experience on Ganarpro.

Favorites on homepage

Feature Upgrade * February 21

Recently Visited Pages

Every page you navigate to is tracked, providing you with a convenient quick link for easy return access. This feature is prominently displayed under 'Services' on the homepage dashboard.

recents ganarpro

Feature Upgrade * February 12

"I outsource" to Cost & Profit Calculator

You can estimate your costs in two ways: by hiring laborers or by outsourcing. I outsource has less expense items than paying your own staff. You can estimate which method provides more profit.

i outsource cleaning calculator

New Release * February 12

Create New Quick Action

In the top header of every page, you will find a blue plus button that opens a dropdown menu with direct links to Estimate, Proposal, Capability Statement, Qualkey, Opportunity Search, Prequal App Search, and Planroom Search.

create new quick action

Feature Upgrade * February 2

Phase of Projects

Pre construction = 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after pre construction bid due date. Breaking ground now = 60 days before and 60 days after break ground date. Under construction. Completing soon= 60 days before and 60 days after completion date

project board ganarpro

Feature Upgrade * February 1

Proposal Scope of Work is now editable

You can edit the scope of work and then download the updated document from the document generator. When you reopen that proposal, the scope of work will reflect the changes you made. Thus, the scope of work is saved exactly as you have modified it.

cleaning scope of work

Feature Upgrade * January 30

Added Useful Links to homepage bottom

Technical Documentation https://learn.ganarpro.com/. Getting Started https://www.ganarpro.com/support/getting-started/ . Services https://www.ganarpro.com/products/. Subscriptions https://app.ganarpro.com/pricing

ganarpro useful links

Feature Upgrade * January 25

Default Available status- change to Not Available

When you select Not Available for you, the project is hidden from your normal Active project views. This status update is on all construction projects throughout Ganarpro.

available ganarpro projects

Feature Upgrade * January 25

Exterior window clean pricing

You can now edit the exterior window cleaning price, which is determined by the number of stories multiplied by the building's square footage. Alternatively, you can use the number of window panes and adjust the base rate of $5 to obtain an external window cleaning price. Only one of these 2 methods should be used, which will then be transferred into the proposal.

exterior window clean pricing

Feature Upgrade * January 8

Add Canada - Project Board Search

Add Canadian cities to the search results. Previously, the data was there if you scrolled, but you could not search for any Canadian cities. Now, you can search for all Canadian territories.

canada ganarpro

Feature Upgrade * January 8

Allow removal of any field in Capability Statement

If you want to display less information about your business, you can delete the content from the input fields and leave them blank. We removed the requirement to have all fields filled.

Feature Upgrade * January 2

Added Customizable Sales Pipeline

A Flexible Approach to Track Progress. On the 'Favorites' page, you will find a board divided into four columns, each representing a different stage of the sales cycle. By default, these stages are: Lead Qualified - When a lead meets your qualification criteria. Contact Made - After you've successfully made contact with a potential client. Proposal Sent - Once you've sent out a proposal to the prospect. Negotiations Started - When you enter into discussions about the terms of the potential deal.

pipeline management

Feature Upgrade * January 2

Add Website Direct link url to Contact Outreach

Contact outreach is filtered by the contact's working region using their phone number. You can now click on the account name; it's a blue clickable link that opens the company's website for your research.

Feature Upgrade * January 2

Show recent emails sent or downloads made

Using Contract Outreach, you can send mass emails and download regional lists. The Recent Outreach feature will track both of these actions.

New Release * December 18

Add Project to Calculator to Proposal Automation

Lead-to-quote automation is complete. A button within the project or calculator creates a proposal by merging important details to formulate a winning bid.

quote automation

New Release * December 15

Release of Contact Outreach.

For users seeking to create new leads by using a Mailchimp for Construction with data already included. It provides them with access to Estimating and Project Manager contacts. Users can mass email these contacts directly through GanarPro or choose to download a list with the columns you see in Contact Outreach. These lists are segmented by the working regions of the companies and individuals, enabling our users to target their outreach effectively and efficiently, streamlining the lead generation process.

contact outreach

Feature Upgrade * November 30

Allow attachments in emails and comments

On Projects, there is a Comments/Notes section where you can attach files or images for your own account and teammates. You can also attach files to emails sent from GanarPro.

Feature Upgrade * November 30

Release Proposal Generator 2.0

Version 1 was not as customizable; however, now you can remove any section of the template, and the template will remember your preference. You can type into the document, and information will merge from the calculator.

cleaning proposal creator

Feature Upgrade * November 22

Add configure to Calculator

To enhance the customization and precision of the bid amount, cost, and profit aspects of the calculator for your business, you can now edit the default recommended price per square foot, price per unit, and price per day. The calculator will save your preferences.

customizable cleaning calculator

Feature Upgrade * November 12

Save Search. Project Board

Save locations and sort by preference, along with phase, size, and building type. Target the exact project you are interested in viewing.

save search project board

Feature Upgrade * October 28

Public Share Capability Statement

Copy the URL to your current Capability Statement and share it with anyone, allowing them to view it on any device without logging into Ganarpro. It functions like a website URL.

capability statement ganarpro

Feature Upgrade * October 26

Add Notes and Upload to Prequalify

To enhance your management of the prequalification process, you have the option to take notes throughout your application process. Subsequently, you can store your completed application by uploading it to Ganarpro.

prequalify ganarpro

Feature Upgrade * October 26

Add Comments to Project detail page

The "Comments" tab is designed for your team to write notes about this project exclusively for your own internal use. These comments are not visible to the entire platform.

Feature Upgrade * October 20

Add Mass Email to Project Board

On the Map page, you can select multiple projects and choose a template to send separate emails containing the same content to decision-makers for active construction projects. An Email folder icon represents the amount of emails sent, 1 email to 1 project can be sent at one time, and you can only send 1 Mass Email per day.

send mass email

New Release * October 13

Project Research app

A straightforward data table showcases the project data stored by Ganarpro, ranging from pre-construction to completion and operation. You can filter projects by location, and they are automatically sorted by the most recent update date by default.

project research ganarpro

New Release * September 20

Capability Statement app

Customize and create your own one-page Capability Statement to comprehensively display all the necessary company information a potential customer needs to assess what you are capable of and what you have accomplished. Download as PDF or Share a link. Make 5 different statements and use a template to create your own.

capability statement

Feature Upgrade * August 27

Three Pricing Methods with the Calculator

You can only choose one pricing method at a time. Depending on your selection, different input fields will be available. For Price per Sq.ft., enter the building's square footage. For Price per Unit, input the number of units. To calculate Price per Day, specify the number of days you will work.

Feature Upgrade * August 19

Make Sidebar Default Expanded

Explore all clickable options, from the dashboard homepage to service applications. The left sidebar starts fully expanded by default, but you can choose to minimize it as needed.


Feature Upgrade * August 17

Select up to 50 stories to calculate the pricing for exterior window cleaning

The cleaning price for the 1st story is included in the standard cleaning rate. The price for exterior window cleaning is determined by multiplying the building's square footage by the number of stories. While you can adjust the final estimate, the default calculation formula in the calculator to obtain the result cannot be modified.

Feature Upgrade * August 15

Make Calculator vertical, change from horizontal bid amount/ cost & profit

Now, you have the ability to view your bid amount and estimate profit simultaneously. Based on your costs, you can adjust your bid amount upwards or downwards accordingly.

ganarpro calculator

New Release * August 14

Cleaning Rates App

Choose a State to get an average hourly laborer price to customer. You can modify all price fields to match your own pricing table.

cleanup rates

Feature Upgrade * July 19

Multi-Select option for State Dropdown in Planroom App

If your company caters to customers in various states, you have the option to create a unified list to simplify your workflow. Your last list will be automatically saved and retrieved for your convenience during your next visit.

planroom ganarpro

Feature Upgrade * June 18

Incorporate a Proposal homepage dashboard to choose templates or access the document generator.

Choose whether to download templates or utilize the proposal generator for creating your proposal.

proposal dash

New Release * June 18

Add Templates for Instant Download

Previously, we offered exclusively an online proposal generator, but due to numerous requests, we have now provided access to download the actual templates as Word files.

proposal templates

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