Prequalification in construction

Ganarpro Prequalify provides 1,100 + blank prequalfication applications from commercial construction companies.  You can segment customers by their working region.

See below for more information on how PreQualify will help your business network with other contractors.

The More the Merrier

General contractors want more qualified subcontractors filling in their prequel applications, and subs need to fill in as many prequel apps as possible. This process allows more profits and less risk to flow to all parties.

PreQualify has no limits

Ganarpro PreQualify allows businesses to download and access all applications from all companies. You should only submit an application 1 time per year.

Updating and adding new applications

Applications are added weekly. Urls for applications do change or are updated, Ganarpro strives to display valid direct links to all applications. 5-10 new apps are added per week.

Information needed for an application

All the details for your company that answers the questions to confirm your capabilities. Are you a low risk, high performing partner? Ganarpro is building a PreQuel Key, a form that will gather all the difficult questions that are asked on any prequel application.

Office address vs working region

Many contractors build outside of their HQ state. A major employee role for general contractors is traveling superintendent. Ganarpro tracks all states that a company builds, not only their office locations.

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