Plans and pricing for commercial construction bidding and sales.

Business plans for teams

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$ 44
99 Per Month
  • Get 6 apps including Projects, Cleanup Calculator, Cleanup Proposal, Planify, Prequel MasterKey, and Capability Statement.
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Business Suite All Apps

Get 6+ business suite apps including Projects, Cleanup Calculator, Cleanup Proposal, Planify, Prequel MasterKey, and Capability Statement.

$44.99/ Month



Easily find commercial construction projects 

$23.99/ Month

Project search features

Cleanup Calculator

Accurately price construction cleaning bid amounts

$23.99/ Month

Calculator features

Cleanup Proposal

Scope of work cleaning proposal templates

$19.99/ Month

Proposal features


Access blank prequel apps and planrooms

$23.99/ Month

Planify features

Prequel MasterKey

Access blank prequel apps and planrooms

MasterKey features

Capability Statement

All tools for speciality subcontractors

$9.99/ Month

Capability Statement features

Exclusive business features

Instant access, no downloads

Ganarpo is a web based application, you can use all tools from your desktop and mobile device instantly, and at all times.

Affordable and simple pricing

Subscribe to all apps or subscribe to each product individually.  Use the apps that your business needs most to succeed in the construction industry.  Plans begin at 19.99

Is there a contract?​

There is no contractual commitment, and you will not incur any cancellation fees. You only need to pay for the first month upon subscription.  You can try for 1 month and cancel if it does not work for you.

Is there a free trial period, and if so, what does it include?

Ganarpro provides a free trial period that lasts until you complete 10 platform actions. These actions consist of special clicks to view data or initiate calculations. Notably, the free trial has no time limit. Once you’ve used up your 10 actions, you will be prompted to subscribe to continue using the product.

Is customer support included in the pricing?

For immediate assistance during business hours, call 844-426-2777 to speak with a dedicated customer support expert. Alternatively, whether you’re on the free trial or subscribed, feel free to reach out via email to support@ganarpro.com for any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

Find active construction projects​​

Use the map to locate commercial construction projects.  View project details with decision maker contact information.  For all trades

Calculate winning prices

Enter building square footage to estimate a bid amount.  Easily adjust the estimated price and save your estimate for further configuration.  For cleaning companies

Generate proposals

Use our scope of work templates and merge your company details into proposals for quick generation.  For cleaning companies

Find customers

Access 1,000+ blank prequalification applications to fill in and submit to start receiving invitation to bid requests directly to your email inbox.  For all trades