Understanding building usage types

Each type of building usage requires different considerations in terms of design, construction materials, and building codes and regulations. Understanding the intended usage of a building is an important factor in planning and executing a successful construction project.


There are different usage types for construction buildings, and these can vary depending on the specific building project and its intended purpose. Here are all the building types inside Ganarpro



Additions to concourses and gates, passenger waiting areas, restrooms and retail concession space, customer hold rooms, retail and restaurant locations, office space for tenants, and Interior Design Updates for Terminal Buildings


Sports dome designed to hold basketball courts or volleyball courts as an Indoor practice facility and to support the existing gymnasium. Locker Rooms, fitness facility including swimming pool and specialty food service, on-campus arena, Softball field, football field within a pre-engineered metal building superstructure. Lobby, restrooms, and a large viewing platform.

Auto Office-Bay

Common project names: NTB, AAA, Suburban Tire, Firestone, and Christian Brothers Automotive Center. Epoxy floor in auto Bay area with car lifts/ scaffoldings/car port cranes and bay door windows, Front customer service area with walls of glass, Break room, Back storage area with racks. Service Station/Car Wash, upfitted with office/ sales area and service garage areas.


Common project names: Savings Bank Bank of America, PNC Bank, Credit Union, Wells Fargo. Banking centers normally include teller stations and customer service areas, as well as an update to fire protection throughout the entire two-story building. drive-up ATM and a walk-up window in the front entry. Community conference facilities and ample parking. The interior design features a grand lobby,

Car dealership

Common project names: Wickstrom Chrysler & Jeep, Neil Huffman Subaru, Ford Dealership, MAZDA dealership , Courtesy Acura, or Newnan Nissan. Customer waiting areas, showrooms and service areas can feature car lifts, reception area, lounge and drive thru, windows on overhead doors, office spaces with carpet and car sales floor with ceramic tile flooring. Service bays, detail bays, and a parts storage department. Can include a fully automated car wash.


Office building, University of Washington Interdisciplinary Engineering Building, headquarters with administrative offices, Class A office towers with connecting 1-story annex, Business center, large conference room, New offices; a 60-person meeting room


Elementary school, Middle School, High School building. Multipurpose classroom building for performing arts, as well as technology and collaboration spaces. Classrooms, culinary arts, science labs and specialized spaces for band, woodshop and many more programs. A new administrative wing and dining services are also included. Gymnasium, media center, cafeteria and associated kitchen, administrative areas and support spaces. 800-seat auditorium. Classrooms and computer labs from 25 to 120 seats are designed as active learning environments. Faculty/administration offices and a café, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and open collaboration areas, marker boards and tack boards. Not sleeping campus or no beds.


Common project names: EOS Fitness, GOLD'S GYM , LA Fitness, Planet Fitness. Lockers, basketball court, mirrors, café, pool, locker room.

Gas Station

Common project names: Love's Travel Stop, QuikTrip, Cumberland Farms. Convenience store with fuel pump islands and bollards.


Common project names: ALDI , Food Lion, Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Publix, Save A Lot. Office, restrooms, break room, Freezers / Cooler, main sales floor areas. Much of this area will have an LVT type vinyl tile product while a small portion will be porcelain tile.  The back stockroom area will be a concrete floor.


Hospital, Clinic, Dental, Medical office. Operating rooms, staff support spaces, inpatient beds and exam rooms including trauma rooms, an onsite laboratory, pharmacy, medical clinic as well as individual and group therapy rooms. ambulatory surgery center, lab space office and support spaces. corridor space. waiting room, receptionist area, dialysis treatment stations, isolation rooms, labs, PD/HH rooms, offices, conference rooms and other support spaces


Distribution Facility, Manufacturing Facility, Warehouse, Storage, chemical plant, Hangars. 460,000 SF railcar manufacturing facility. 32-foot clear height, dock doors, drive-in doors. Convertible freezer room, truck dock, battery charging/maintenance room, an electrical room and support areas. Final storage racks 770,000 sf floor. Employee lounge and locker room area With 27k Sq ft of warehouse space for a total of 33k Sq ft. Proposed building materials include painted concrete tilt-up panel walls of various textures, accented metal entries, and exposed steel canopies. 2 parts- the other part is 300 k sq 50 ft tall by 300 ft wide and 800 ft long freezer is built. pressure wash 55′ x 53′ bay spacing with 55′ x 60′ spacing at the staging bays; and LED high-bay warehouse light fixture

Interior tenant fit out

Interior Renovation of an existing occupied space, existing space, closed store remodel (Given in AS-IS condition from the landlord/tenant). All work done during the day (with the exception of demo at night). Office expansion of existing tenant

Job trailer

A portable office that is typically used on construction sites to provide a temporary workspace. These trailers are equipped with basic amenities such as desks, chairs, electrical outlets, and heating and cooling systems to create a comfortable work environment.


Meeting and conference space, community room, and a coffee shop – as well as outdoor activity space. Study rooms, a quiet reading room. General multimedia spaces, genealogy room, meeting rooms kitchen, computer rooms, children’s workrooms, and a café. Conference Rooms, adequate space to house a collection up to 75,000 volumes, Staff Workroom, Office area, computer labs, program rooms.

Military Installation

Military installation construction projects can be complex and challenging due to the strict security requirements and regulations that apply to military facilities. Military installation construction projects can include a wide range of structures and facilities, such as barracks, administrative buildings, hospitals, training facilities, hangars, runways, roads, and utility systems.

Mixed use

Mixed-use construction projects combine residential, commercial, and/or industrial uses into one building or area, with each use occupying a separate space within the overall development. ground-floor retail space, upper-floor residential units, and a rooftop restaurant or lounge. Another example could be a development that includes both office space and manufacturing facilities, or a project that combines hotel rooms, apartments, and retail space.


The hotel portion of the building may include amenities such as a lobby, restaurant, conference rooms, and fitness center, while the residential portion typically includes separate entrances and amenities for residents, such as a rooftop terrace, pool, or community room. Housing and beds. Number of keys: In the hospitality industry, especially hotels or motels, "units" can refer to the number of rooms or accommodations available for guests, typically indicated by the number of room keys issued. Number of doors: The number of separate entry points or doors in a building. This is more common in multi-family residential buildings or apartment complexes where each dwelling or apartment has its own entrance. Residence halls, Apartments.

Police-Fire Station

Police-Fire Stations typically include separate areas for each department, with shared spaces such as a lobby, conference room. The police department may have offices for officers, interrogation rooms, holding cells, and evidence storage areas. The fire department may have apparatus bays for fire trucks and equipment, sleeping quarters, a kitchen and dining area, and training facilities.

Recreation Center

Recreation centers can offer a wide range of amenities, including indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, swimming pools, fitness centers, dance and fitness studios, multipurpose rooms, and social spaces.


Common project names: Shake Shack, Taco Bell, Jersey Mikes’ Subs Arby’s, Wild Wing Cafe, Pizza Hut, Panda Express, PANERA BREAD, Burger King. The construction of a restaurant typically involves the installation of a commercial kitchen, dining areas, restrooms, and storage areas. Additional features may include a bar area, outdoor seating, and specialized equipment for cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashing.


Common project names: Nike Rise Store- Del Amo, CA, Nautica - Tejon Ranch, CA (Tejon Outlets), Buckle - Fenton, MO, AutoZone Chicago, Claire's 6746 San Dimas, CA, ADIDAS ORLANDO FL, TREK Bikes - Westlake Village, CA. A retail building typically includes a variety of features and spaces, such as: Storefront, Sales Floor, Restrooms , Fitting Rooms, Offices, Stockroom

Senior living Retirement

Living units may include apartments, suites, or individual rooms, designed to accommodate the needs of senior citizens. These units may include kitchenettes or full kitchens, private bathrooms, and living areas. Dining areas, lounges, libraries, fitness centers, activity rooms, and outdoor spaces such as gardens, walking paths, or patios.


Stage floor, rigging, and lighting. Seating areas designed to accommodate the audience, including fixed or removable seating, as well as aisles, balconies. Lobby including a ticket counter, concession stand, and restrooms. Administrative offices, Storage areas.


Church, Temple, Religion. Projects include a Sanctuary including seating areas, a stage or platform. Foyer including a welcome desk, and restrooms. Classroom and education spaces. The goal of Worship facility construction is to create a space that facilitates religious practices and encourages a sense of community and belonging among the congregation.


Animal exhibits can range from small, indoor spaces to large outdoor habitats with trees, rocks, and water features. Visitor areas including walkways, viewing platforms, and seating areas.

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