Ganarpro Planify is a construction bid management platform that streamlines project collaboration. It offers various tools, including prequalification management, task tracking, and more. Planify has the ability to enhance productivity and efficiency in your construction operation. Planify allows users to access real-time project and company data. Overall, Ganarpro Planify aims to optimize construction project management and provide a centralized platform for seamless collaboration.


To ensure widespread awareness of your availability for construction projects, it is crucial to complete prequalification applications for various companies. By submitting these applications, you provide general contractors with essential insights into your qualifications and capabilities. Ganarpro PreQualify simplifies this process by offering location-based company listings accompanied by downloadable subcontractor applications. Take advantage of this resource to streamline the application submission and maximize your visibility to potential clients.


Maintaining top-of-mind awareness with general contractors is essential since they may not always remember your availability. Actively engaging with general contractors by seeking out their bidding and active projects is crucial. Planrooms play a vital role in hosting these projects that require your quoting. Not every project receives an invitation to bid sent out to potential bidders, so it becomes necessary for you to actively pursue the projects you wish to bid on.

Unlock New Customers and Opportunities with Vendor Applications and Planrooms

Establishing an ongoing prequalification process with construction companies and actively pursuing bids for their active projects can effectively fortify your construction sales business, creating a distinct competitive advantage.

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Discover Fresh Business Opportunities, Expand Your Customer Base, and Boost Growth with Ganarpro Find Products to Enhance Productivity.

The Ganarpro Find Products Catalog serves as an invaluable asset for professionals in the construction industry, providing them with a streamlined platform to effectively search, explore, and access up-to-date project and company data. With regular updates encompassing new bidding and under construction projects, planrooms, and subcontractor applications, this catalog ensures that organizations can easily obtain the information they need. By offering effortless access to this data, companies can prioritize refining and replicating successful sales strategies, freeing up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on continuous sales staff training.

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Experience the Power of Two Services in a Single Product - Introducing Planify: The Fusion of Planroom and Prequalification.

Prequalification applications serve multiple purposes: qualifying your company, adding you to bid lists, and granting private invitation-to-bid requests for your company.

Frequent planroom visits, either on a monthly or quarterly basis, should be prioritized based on the volume of projects listed. Each visit presents fresh bidding opportunities while signaling your keen interest to the construction company. This proactive approach not only enhances your chances of securing projects but also fosters a stronger connection with the company.

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Constantly prequalifying construction companies and actively bidding on their projects strengthens your construction sales business, providing a competitive edge.

Constantly prequalifying construction companies and actively bidding on their projects strengthens your construction sales business, providing a competitive edge.

Ganarpro Planify scenario cases

Looking to increase sales

Construction bidding involves a strategic approach where the quantity of opportunities matters. To succeed, you must increase the number of opportunities, quote jobs responsibly, and optimize your efficiency. Utilizing Ganarpro Planify, you can conveniently prequalify with all companies within your working region. Additionally, visiting each planroom on a quarterly basis ensures that you don’t miss out on any potential projects. By adopting this method, you can maximize your chances of securing desirable jobs.


Project Research

Professionals involved in the construction industry may review planrooms to conduct market research and gain insights into ongoing and upcoming projects. This helps them stay informed about the latest industry trends, project types, and market opportunities.

Subcontractor Selection

General contractors and project owners may utilize planrooms to search for qualified subcontractors. They review planrooms to assess the capabilities, experience, and qualifications of subcontractors for their projects.

Monitoring Competitors

Individuals or companies may review planrooms to keep an eye on their competitors. By examining the projects they are bidding on or participating in, they can gather intelligence about their competitors’ activities and strategies.

Networking and Collaboration

Construction professionals may visit planrooms to connect and collaborate with other industry stakeholders. They can identify potential partners, subcontractors, or suppliers by reviewing the planrooms and reaching out to the relevant companies.