Site Visit Sheet

Utilize the Ganarpro Site Visit Sheet to streamline site preparation with a concise 1-page checklist and notes questionnaire. Incorporate existing details from Ganarpro projects or input your own project specifics. Easily save, store, and manage your site visit sheets. Download and print a blank site visit sheet to bring along for your construction site visits.

Merge Project details

Each project features a button to generate a site visit sheet, automatically incorporating relevant project details. Customize the merged content as needed and print the document for use during your visit.

Create a new blank Site Visit Sheet from scratch.

From the homepage, access the Site Visit Sheet app to input text directly, or alternatively, print a blank sheet to take with you on your job site visit for manual input.

13 essential checklist questions to fulfill during your site visit for comprehensive understanding of job requirements.

Project Details are merged

The Project Name, Project Address, Company, Superintendent, and Project Manager,are merged from Ganarpro projects with the push of a button.


Editing title names

You have the flexibility to modify the titles of rows 6-13. If you prefer to rename “service state date”, “number of phases”,  “pressure washing”, “project completion date” “stories/ number of buildings”, “flooring type”, or “extra notes”  you can customize these titles on your Site Visit Sheet to align with the specific questions you want to ask during a job site visit.

Saving Site Visit Sheets

You have the option to create or adjust a Site Visit Sheet and save it for future modifications or printing at a later time. Alternatively, you can use it to keep track of the number of construction sites you visit to help achieve your goals.

Ganarpro Documents Products

Streamline your document creation by merging key details, saving, and storing all on Ganarpro

The Ganarpro Documents Products Catalog facilitates the swift and precise generation of documents for construction businesses. Whether you’re in the quoting phase and require a site visit prior to proposal submission, or you’re ready to craft a proposal, Ganarpro Document applications can assist you.

The Capability Statement bolsters proposal submissions by informing your customers about your services and showcasing your past accomplishments.

Site Visit Sheet app

13 sections in the construction Site Visit Sheet app

Download a word document to bring to your site visit

SVS app
site visit sheet app

Ganarpro Site Visit Sheet use cases

Conducting a site visit to a job for inspection

When visiting a job site, it’s essential to have a clipboard and paper handy for note-taking. The Site Visit Sheet guides you in asking the superintendent the appropriate questions to fully grasp the project’s scope. Download and print the Site Visit Sheet from Ganarpro for all your job site visits.

Preparing your supervisor for their site visits

Prefill the site visit sheet with as much information as possible using Ganarpro or the downloaded Word document. Then, your supervisor can take it to the job site, write on it, and return it to you, aiding in the project estimation process.

Uncertain about what to ask the superintendent upon arrival at the site?

The Ganarpro Site Visit Sheet features 13 pre-set rows with titles for each row. Utilize these questions as a guide to comprehensively understand the scope of work. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this guide can assist you in mastering a site visit.