In the ever-evolving construction industry, fostering a culture of inclusivity and compliance is paramount. 

GC Planify is an innovative software tailored for general contractors. It focuses on advancing inclusion at both supplier workforce and executive levels.

Talent Recruitment Headhunting

We excel in pinpointing top-tier project managers, estimators, superintendents, and other C-level construction executives.

The Unique Edge of Ganarpro:

  1. Exclusive Dedication to Construction: Our recruitment efforts are solely concentrated on the commercial construction sector, steering clear of the finance and automotive industries.
  2. Streamlined, Personalized Communication: Experience a hassle-free process with just two points of contact – your primary consultant and a support specialist, ensuring a tailored and straightforward experience.
Vendor and Subcontractor Integration

Expand Your Certified Diverse supplier Network: Access MBE, WBE, Section 3, and diverse qualified subcontractors.  Meet requirements.

Seamless Importing: Companies apply directly to your provided Prequalification link, streamlining growth into a singular directory.

GC Planify: Streamlining DEI in Construction

Need specialized talent like minority estimators, project managers, or superintendents? 

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Straightforward front-end, intricate back-end.

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GCPlanify DEI
    • Minority Groups: Generally includes, but is not limited to, individuals who are African American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian-Pacific American, and Asian-Indian American.
    • The construction industry, like many others, has historically been dominated by white males. As the world becomes more globalized and aware of the benefits of diversity (innovation, better decision-making, wider talent pool), there’s a growing emphasis on making the industry more inclusive.

Ganarpro GC Planify use cases

Promotion and press for a good cause

Ganarpro collaborates with community economic development partners to report on enrolled companies. We also release an annual DEI report focused on the construction industry. Our aim is to foster a network of DEI-committed contractors across North America.

Incorporate additional vendors and subcontractors into your system.

Upon registration, each company establishes a GC Planify Card. Our certified, diverse, and pre-qualified partners will have the opportunity to connect with your company through your prequalification process. Rather than storing partners in GC Planify, we offer direct integration with your existing vendor platform.

Recruiting/ Hiring diverse talent

Fostering Diversity through Strategic Recruitment and Hiring

DEI extends beyond fieldwork and MWBE credits; it’s vital in the office environment as well. GC Planify provides access to exceptional minority talent in the construction industry. Member companies can post job openings, and Ganarpro takes on the responsibility of filling these roles with qualified candidates. Companies can then interview our vetted recommendations to find the best fit for their needs. Our mission is to position outstanding minority professionals in the industry and make a measurable impact on diversity and inclusion.

Hud Section 3 requirement

By enrolling in GC Planify, you’re always provided with an additional avenue to demonstrate your adherence to Section 3 requirements. The HUD Section 3 mandate is designed to directly benefit the local community, particularly its economically vulnerable residents, through federal housing and development investments. We ensure that all your Section 3 targeted hours are accounted for.

Share and download GC Planify card

Share your GC Planify Card and its corresponding URL to anyone. For offline usage, download the card in PDF format. This card showcases images from the URLs you provided on the input page, offering essential details that enable companies to connect