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Calculate cleaning prices for construction bidding.

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What we offer

leverage two pivotal tools to ensure accuracy and competitiveness: a Detailed Calculator and a Rates Tool.

Price per SQ FT, Day, or by Unit

Explore three distinct methods to accurately price projects.


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Templates that work

With estimator and project manager approved scope of work templates. Be in the know, and understand the scopes for different project types.


A tool to estimate construction cleaning

Ganarpro helps businesses worldwide conquer the complexity of proposals processes. Enable your team to generate proposals.

cost cleanup calculator

Cost and profit analysis per estimate

Not only does this tool enable you to calculate a competitive bid amount, but it also allows you to forecast the total expenses you will incur to complete the project.

Calculator Bid Amount

Estimate final cleaning

By inputting relevant details such as notes, the project name, building size, number of cleaning phases, and number of stories, you can obtain an accurate estimate for cleaning both the interior of the building and its exterior windows.

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cleaning rates mobile

Rates Tool

All of our applications are accessible from both mobile and desktop, providing flexibility for users on the go or at the workspace. Particularly, the Rates app serves as an expedient method to ascertain pricing based on square footage. It allows for customization of the hourly rate according to each state and permits adjustments to the charge per square foot, which in turn, influences the bottom slider for tailored pricing solutions.