Ganarpro Advanced Customer Services

Businesses who have turned to Ganarpro for cloud and application solutions trust Ganarpro Advanced Customer Services to help them get the most out of their investment. GACS helps companies gain the information, customers, and partners that they require. We work side by side with you find projects, estimate projects, create proposals, and PreQualify with general contractors. 

Ganarpro experts will help you define the best path to achieve your goals, realize value, and stay ahead of change on an ongoing basis.


What is Ganarpro Advanced Customer Services?

Ganarpro Advanced Customer Support (GACS) goes beyond standard support by providing product optimization guidance and hands-on configuration assistance.

Proactively optimize your Ganarpro solution

GACS prepares customers for new Ganarpro release upgrades, helps to become more efficient in bidding, prequalification, and earn higher profits.

Targeted services

If you’re operating your daily business, but need help growing your bidding output. Our experts can identify high win chance contract opportunities, estimate projects for you, get your company on more bid lists, submit proposals to customers, and follow up on bids submitted.

Jointly managed services

As you seek to grow your business, your company may find that they need extra help to bridge personnel and expertise gaps. Our experienced teams are ready to work side by side with you to handle any challenge.

Supporting your Ganarpro products

Ganarpro Advanced Customer Services provides unmatched, tailored support that ensures your Ganarpro technology investments deliver results quick as possible. We have services that can help your business maximize success, minimize risk, and focus on what matters most.

Define the best path to achieve your goals

We start by understanding your goals and business needs and then collaborate with you to plan for your success. Ganarpro experts will share insights into the key areas of opportunity to drive business growth and provide best practices for a successful transformation.

Begin to realize value and reach your goals faster

We designed a guided journey that will accelerate your time to value and goal achievement.

Training and adoption services

Invest in your team through training, and in-application guidance to help fuel a successful journey. Whether for winning more projects, or saving time, we offer tips and insights that help people learn in the flow of their work.

Peak Performance

GACS reviews key metrics in your business against established benchmarks to mitigate challenges before they disrupt your operations and ensure Ganarpro is tuned to maintain the highest level of performance.

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