Gather, store and share your company information

Prequel MasterKey and Capability Statement are two innovative tools we have developed to assist you in managing your company’s data.

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What we offer

Two tools to help you manage your company data.

The correct template

There are 2 templates in Capability Statment and Prequel MasterKey is a template of questions

Cloud tools

Access each application on either your mobile device or desktop. Download and share at your convenience, from any location.


Utilize forms and questionnaires to input and store your company data in innovative ways.

For use by contractors in the construction industry, the templates and questions provided are aligned with what general contractors typically inquire about, and the formats are specifically designed for commercial construction in North America.

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1 pager describing your company

Capability Statement Edit page

We provide you with a template and guide you on how to personalize it by changing logos, images, and text within designated boxes. Customize it to suit your needs and save it for future use.

2 templates to create from

Use our guideline and create your own

Participate in competitions to showcase the best and most creative capability statements. Once you have personalized and saved your template, you can continually create from it for future use.

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Dowapa Capability Statement

Utilize this for marketing purposes or as a reference for compliance.

Craft it once and reuse to maintain the strength of your brand identity.

Auto fill key fields from Prequel MasterKey into Capability Statement. 

Prequel MasterKey

“By answering these questions, you enable the sharing of this information with any of your employees, who can then utilize it to fill in prequalification applications. Your information for the construction business is stored securely on our platform.”

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