Transforming Construction: Embrace Diversity & Inclusion with Ganarpro

At Ganarpro, we are committed to driving diversity, equity, and inclusion within the construction industry while upholding the principles of human rights. As a general contractor, partnering with us opens up a world of opportunities that foster growth, equality, and thriving communities.

Our Supplier Diversity Program

Many construction companies embrace diversity by collaborating with diverse suppliers and partners. At Ganarpro, we take it a step further with our robust Supplier Diversity Program. By joining forces with us, you contribute to economic empowerment and demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility, positively influencing customer perceptions.

Breaking Down Barriers

We firmly believe in the power of unity, working together to break down barriers that divide us. Our action plan centers on three pillars:

1. Sourcing Equality Trades Nationwide: Encouraging diverse workforce representation and promoting equitable opportunities within the industry.

2. Educating New Companies: We educate about pre-qualification and bidding issues, helping them navigate the construction landscape with fairness and transparency.

3. Advancing Companies Through Technology: Leveraging technology to foster growth and inclusivity in your organization.

Equal Pay/Compensation Race/Color Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Creating a Welcoming Environment

Ganarpro is dedicated to making construction opportunities known to students, jobseekers, and individuals not currently in the industry. Our mission is to provide a more inclusive work environment that embraces diversity at all levels.

Shared Responsibility

Increasing diversity in construction is a shared responsibility. From the C-suite to the job site, every stakeholder plays a crucial role in fostering a truly diverse future for the building trades.

Fueling Our Fight:

With evidence of race- and sex-based harassment and discrimination limiting opportunities for marginalized workers in construction, it's time to stand together and fuel the fight for equality. Join over one hundred general contractors working towards a more inclusive future. Enroll in the Human Rights Construction Diversity & Inclusion Campaign now!

Common Discrimination We Address

Equal Pay/Compensation


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Partners who carry out mission to to increase diversity in the building trades

Ganarpro collaborates with organizations like Chicago Women in Trades, Los Angeles Black Workers Center, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Workers Defense Project, Associated General Contractors of America, North America’s Building Trades Union, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, TradesFutures, and the Institute for Construction Employment Research (ICERES). Read an article here

Driving Diversity Among Underrepresented Groups:

Our initiatives focus on improving diversity and inclusivity in the construction trades. Union programs have proven to be more effective at recruiting and training women and racially diverse groups.

Building a More Equitable Work Environment

Creating a more equitable and inclusive work environment is a challenge that requires conscious efforts, tracking outcomes, and supporting historically underrepresented groups.


We are successful with our DEI initiatives due to deliberate, intentional work, and critical partnerships with community-based organizations. Partner with Ganarpro to advance successful diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in the construction industry. At Ganarpro, we are dedicated to transforming the construction industry into a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable space. Partner with us to take your projects to new heights and be on the right side of history.

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