Contact Outreach

For professionals who are targeting the top contacts within the North American construction industry. It features a capability to send mass emails or download lists, making it a valuable asset for marketing and sales strategies. This tool likely provides access to a curated list of key industry contacts, including decision-makers and influential figures, and facilitates broad-scale email communication to effectively reach and engage with this specific target audience.

Choose Estimating Contacts or C-Level

C- Level = Contact titles contain- Owner, President, Ceo, Chief.  850+ people

Estimating = Contacts that know bidding status for most projects.  Titles is not relevant, these contacts manage projects bidding.  Over 3,400 people

c-level contact outreach
Segment contacts by location

Ganarpro determines the working region of each employee based on their phone number, ensuring a tailored and region-specific approach in our collaborations and communications.

region selection contact outreach

Designed for marketing or sales professionals targeting the North American construction industry

Contact Outreach is a tool aimed at businesses looking to expand their reach or market their products and services within the North American construction industry. It offers capabilities for identifying key industry contacts,  and gaining insights into decision-makers, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts.

Capture your company details once and update them effortlessly on a regular basis.

Mass Email Campaigns is essential for large-scale marketing and communication efforts, allowing you to reach a broad audience efficiently.

Contact Outreach also supports sending personalized, one-on-one emails. This feature is vital for targeted communication, where a more personalized approach is necessary. It could be used for following up on leads, conducting negotiations, or maintaining relationships with key clients or partners.

The ability to view and access a list of decision-makers is a crucial aspect of Contact Outreach. This feature likely offers detailed insights or profiles of significant figures in the construction industry, such as their roles, contact information, and potentially their business preferences or history. This is invaluable for targeted sales and marketing strategies.

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Ganarpro Contact Outreach use cases

Expand your business quickly

By choosing the right region and utilizing the option to send the maximum number of emails daily, you position yourself for prompt responses for new job bids. This strategic approach not only increases your chances of immediate engagement but also enhances the likelihood of being incorporated into the construction company’s bid system, often after just 1-2 emails.

Get new invitation to bid opportunities

“In the construction industry, actively seeking work is key. General contractors are on the lookout for qualified partners and vendors. By initiating contact through email, you open doors to more bid opportunities. Expect a response requesting additional information about your company, which is a crucial step in this process. Knowing whom to approach is essential, and Contact Outreach provides access to the most relevant contacts for new bid opportunities within the commercial construction sector.”

Learn companies and people

With Ganarpro’s location-based segmentation, you can easily identify which companies operate in your vicinity, allowing you to pinpoint your target market accurately. This targeted approach means you only need to connect with a select few potential customers. By prequalifying with each, you enhance your chances of being confidently added to their preferred vendor list.