Capability Statement

Elevate your business with a concise one-page summary. Introduce your company effortlessly and share with ease, anytime, anywhere, using our innovative editor.

Transform Your Company Details

Merge various company particulars into an exquisite one-page summary. Our editor doesn’t just create; it dazzles, leaving your audience impressed with your business acumen.-

Design Has Never Been Simpler

With Ganarpro as your ally, choose from two engaging Capability Statements and store up to three versions for your convenience. Reflect your brand style and save time.

A tool designed for efficient, high-quality, and reliable document generation for your business

Fixed text box editing

Capability Statement features boxes with preset text. You have the freedom to input your desired words in each box or opt to leave it blank. However, the position of these box sections is fixed and cannot be shifted.

Quick image uploads

Your capability statement can showcase 1 logo and 2 additional images. Incorporating visuals not only enhances your statement’s appeal but also should resonate with or depict your business’s identity.

Share and download

Distribute your capability statement by sharing its public URL or downloading it as a PDF for online sharing. For direct interactions, consider printing it for hand-to-hand delivery to clients.

Ganarpro Company Docs Products

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Without proper documents generation solution, companies invest a huge amount of time in verbally telling customers about their services, when all clients need to see your information on paper to input into online vendor systems.

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Display your company details in a concise and compelling manner that resonates with both small and large enterprises.​

The Ganarpro Capability Statement offers two customizable templates. Use them as a guide for subject headers and content to craft your unique Capability Statement.

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Ganarpro Capability Statement

Ganarpro Capability Statement use cases

Sales and marketing

Present your Capability Statement to clients and captivate them with a snapshot of your expertise. It guides them on whom to reach out to and delineates your offerings. This concise one-page document effectively showcases your accomplishments.

Compliance packet

Pair your Capability Statement with your W9 and certificate of insurance to create a comprehensive compliance and pre-qualification package. It encompasses everything a business requires to enlist your company on their approved vendor list.