How to edit the cleaning proposal templates

Ganarpro cleanup proposal templates helps businesses quickly create proposals using the correct scope of work. Generate a cleaning proposal in a professional, accepted, and quick manner, from anywhere in the world. With proposal templates, you can download each scope of work or generate a proposal and save for later review. 

At this time, Ganarpro does not allow you to edit the templates inside the document generator, you have to download the word document to make any edits to the scope or remove any sections you do not need. 

Customizable doc templates

Ganarpro contains 32+ cleanup proposal templates (word docs) that can be downloaded and used for your business. We combine the most common scope of work items per project type and created industry accepted templates. At this time you can not edit the template inside Ganarpro. You can review all templates by clicking in this box.

Real-time Collaborative Docs

If more than 1 person can edit a document, it becomes collaborative. Another user on a different computer should be able to login to Ganarpro and see all the company proposals and be able to edit within Ganapro so the other teammate can approve and download/send.

What are the different project type templates

Ganarpro contains templates for Rough clean, Final clean, and Fluff cleaning, the 3 main phases of construction cleaning. Then we have Retail, Restaurant, Multi-Family, Education, Industrial, Theater, Athletic, Healthcare, etc.

What is a document generator?

A Document Generator allows Microsoft Word documents to be generated from a form that ask for your bidding project details. Word Documents can then be Printed, Saved as Word doc, or stored within a Saved Proposals Library.

Accelerate your revenue with digital documentation

Ganarpro streamlines document creation with personalized templates. Reduces errors by merging data directly from Project Board and Calculator. A good document generator should track version history.

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