Ganarpro PreQualify streamlines the process of finding new business opportunities for subcontractors in the commercial construction industry across North America. By accessing blank subcontractor applications from various general contractors, you can easily fill out and submit your company’s qualifications to become a preferred subcontractor. With the ability to filter by location or company name, you can quickly find potential clients and begin receiving more job opportunities for your business.

Explore extensive company lists

You can either search for a specific company name or choose a region to see a list of general contractors who have made their subcontractor applications available.

Fill in and submit

Having all your company information in one central location is crucial for scalability. Subcontractor applications can take anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour to complete, with some containing more in-depth questions to assess risk and liability. Despite varying in length, all applications ask the same basic questions.


Expand your customer base through subcontractor prequalification applications

Qualified subcontractors are hired for the project

The process of prequalification involves evaluating a company’s risk level and inviting them to participate in projects. To select the best subcontractor for each job, general contractors assess and mitigate financial and safety risks, and compare performance benchmarks to ensure that work is completed with the most trustworthy and top-quality subcontractors.


An effective remedy for a significant issue.

GcQualify is a user-friendly tool that presents a list of blank subcontractor applications owned by commercial general contractors. We are currently developing a new feature that will enable you to store and upload a completed application for future download or reference, making annual updates more convenient.


Updating and adding

As Ganarpo PreQualify continues to expand, the number of available applications is increasing on a daily basis. We regularly add new applications and update broken or dead links to ensure that users can access the blank applications directly.

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Boost your business growth and enhance productivity with Ganarpro

The Ganarpro Find Products Catalog is a valuable resource for construction industry professionals, allowing them to efficiently search, explore, and access real-time project and company data. It continuously updates with new bidding and under construction projects, planrooms, and subcontractor applications. By providing easy access to this information, organizations can focus on refining and replicating successful sales strategies rather than spending time constantly training their sales staff.

Large-scale construction projects being carried out by major general contractors.

The completion of projects by top commercial general contractors often requires qualified subcontractors and vendors. Ganarpro Projects offers a comprehensive database of thousands of companies operating across North America.

View all general contractors

Ganarpro streamlines and integrates the pre-qualification process in commercial construction, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to navigate.

Ganarpro PreQualify use cases

Obtain lists of companies based on their operating regions.

Choose a state/province and obtain a comprehensive list of approximately 40 general contractors for each region. Each list includes a blank application that can be filled out in either PDF or webpage format.


Do you have a specific company in mind that you would like to connect with?

If you spot a construction site with the name of a general contractor on the fence, you can visit Ganarpo PreQualify and search for the company name. It is likely that you will find a result with an application that enables you to connect instantly.


Compiling your company information in one place

Ganarpro is currently developing Prequal Masterkey, a comprehensive form that will compile all the questions featured in each subcontractor application. This tool will assist your company in filling out applications with fewer mistakes and in less time. The sections in Prequal Masterkey include Basic company, Company info continued, Socials, Organization details, Project history, Current work in progress, Completed in the last 5 years, Insurance, Safety, Finance, Suppliers, Legal, and Shipping/Receiving.