Cleanup Proposal

Ganarpro Cleanup Proposal simplifies the process of creating construction cleaning proposals by providing pre-designed templates. You can download the templates as Word documents or use the built-in proposal generator to quickly create and send quotes. This ensures that your proposals are error-free and consistently branded, saving you time and effort.

Document Generator

Generating your construction cleaning proposal is a breeze with Ganarpro Cleanup Proposal. In just two simple steps, you can create a professional and accurate proposal. Firstly, answer a few straightforward questions about the project. Secondly, save and print the document. You can save your progress and pick up where you left off on any device, and download or print your proposal anytime.


Gain access to more than 32+ scope of work templates for different types of buildings. Download customizable proposal templates in Word format. All of our scope of work templates have been reviewed and approved by experienced estimators and project managers, ensuring that you can use them with confidence.


Create accurate proposals to quickly meet your customer’s needs

Rough clean

  1. Remove all debris 
  2. Remove all adhesive from interior glazing
  3. Remove enough residue from all surfaces
  4. Light scraping to remove paint, dry wall, and caulk
  5. Clean interior window & door frames
  6. Clean bathtubs & doors
  7. Sweep all floors, including balconies

Final clean

  1. Clean interior & exterior of all cabinets
  2. Clean all surfaces, including countertops, shelving, sills
  3. Vacuum all carpeted areas
  4. Sweep & wash all hard surface flooring
  5. Clean all walls
  6. Clean all mirrors and glass
  7. Clean all electrical plates
  8. Clean & Sanitize bathrooms
  9. Clean all sinks, faucets, shower fixtures
  10. Clean interior & exterior light fixtures
  11. Clean HVAC grilles & diffusers
  12. Prepare appliances for use- remove packaging, clean, set pamphlets in a drawer
  13. Install window screens
  14. Clean all railings
  15. Clean interior windows

Fluff/puff clean

  1. Remove any remaining debris
  2. Dust all surfaces
  3. Polish countertops & sinks
  4. Wipe down baseboards
  5. Wash all hard surface flooring
  6. Vacuum carpet
  7. Dust off fixtures
  8. Clean all floor & wall tile

Ganarpro Configure, Price Quote (CPQ) Products

Ganarpro Calculator

Ganarpro Proposal

Designed to help you streamline lead-to-quote processes

Ganarpro’s Configure, Price Quote Catalog is a powerful tool that enables professionals in the construction industry to generate estimates and proposals with speed and accuracy. With preprogrammed pricing rules and standardized proposal templates, the software automates the process, ensuring accurate pricing and predictive analysis. This results in faster lead-to-quote processes, freeing up time for other important tasks.


Scope of work templates for various building types to streamline proposal creation

Our scope of work templates for each building type are carefully crafted based on input from estimators and project managers. They incorporate the most comprehensive scope of work requests, covering common areas and key sections in each building type, resulting in a more accurate and efficient proposal building process.

Proposal generator

Ganarpro helps business use construction cleaning proposals to scale critical processes with templates

Ganarpro Cleanup Proposal use cases

Are you new to proposal writing and unsure of how to create a compelling proposal?

If you’re unsure of where to begin, let our templates handle the bulk of the work, and then adjust them to fit your unique requirements. No specialized training is required, just identify the type of building you’re bidding on, and Ganarpro will generate a proposal for you.


With just a few taps on your cell phone, you can easily capture a screenshot of the scope of work item list and instantly share it with the superintendent via text message. This simple process takes only 2 minutes and enables you to efficiently communicate your pricing intentions

Keep all your proposals in one place with our centralized platform.

Bryans Four Cleaning can streamline their proposal management process by utilizing Ganarpro’s centralized platform. By creating proposals for jobs sourced from Ganarpro, Building Connected, and local newspapers, all saved proposals can be easily accessed in one place.

Property Owners/Managers

 Property owners or managers who have completed construction or renovation work on their properties may seek post construction cleaning services. Proposal templates can be utilized to request proposals from cleaning companies, allowing them to compare services, costs, and choose the most suitable option for their property.

Facilities Management Companies

 Facilities management companies responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of various properties may require post construction cleaning services for newly renovated or constructed buildings. Proposal templates assist them in soliciting proposals from cleaning service providers and establishing contracts for ongoing cleaning services.