Finding construction projects

Ganarpro Projects aggregates project data from multiple sources into one powerful platform. You can rely on insightful data and signals to prioritize accounts, and identify new prospects.

See below for more information on how to find bidding and under construction construction project intel. 

Online sources

There are many online resources available to find construction projects, such as bidding websites like Ganarpro, BidClerk, ConstructConnect, iSqFt, Blue Book Network, BuildingConnected and Dodge Data & Analytics. These websites allow contractors to search for projects by location, type, and size.

Looking for cranes in the sky

Drive around the area: Take a drive around your city or town and look for signs of construction activity. This may include construction fencing (normally blue), equipment on job sites (yellow machines) , or signs advertising upcoming construction projects. Either walk right onto the site or write down the company name and give the job a name that the construction company will recognize. (At the minimum use the street and city, for the project name.)

Cold walking into a construction site

Dress appropriately: Wear closed-toe shoes, a hard hat, safety glasses, and any other required personal protective equipment (PPE) and then locate the site supervisor or foreman and introduce yourself. Be polite, respectful, and explain why you are there. Ask for permission to be on the site and inquire about any safety protocols that need to be followed. If you are unsure or uncomfortable about approaching a construction site, it may be best to contact the site supervisor or project manager in advance to arrange a visit or meeting.

Industry publications

Trade publications and magazines, such as ENR (Engineering News-Record), Construction Executive, and Builder Magazine, often feature information about upcoming construction projects

Local newspapers

The section of a newspaper that lists construction permits can vary depending on the publication. However, it is typically listed in the classifieds section or the legal notices section of the newspaper. The classifieds section may have a subcategory for construction or building permits, where you can find announcements for new construction projects or renovations that have been approved for a permit.

3rd party company - broker or lead generator

There are third-party brokers who specialize in helping businesses find construction project leads. These brokers typically offer services such as lead generation, bid matching, and project tracking. Brokers can help streamline the lead generation process, which can save you time and resources. Brokers can provide insights into your competitors and help you identify emerging trends and opportunities in the construction industry. Construction Clean Partners.

Prequalify with customers

Submitting pre qualification applications will put your company on the qualified bidders list, which is the database of potential partners that each construction company uses to build projects. You can find a list of commercial construction companies inside Ganarpo PreQualify.

Invitation to bid request

The purpose of an ITB is to solicit bids from qualified vendors or contractors in order to select the most qualified and competitive bidder for the project or service. The ITB typically includes information on the deadline for submitting bids. Projects are typically awarded to the lowest bidder who meets the required qualifications and specifications.

Networking events

Many general contractors hold events at their office and invite potential partners. You sit down at a desk and listen to a presentation about their business. Then you eat horderves and mingle with the estimators, project managers, and other decision makers. Bring business cards and dress construction casual.

Minority / Diversity and inclusion contact

For most companies there is contact that heads up and promotes Diversity and inclusion initiatives that aim to attract, retain, and advance diverse partners for the company. You would have to call the company, and ask if they have this role or department. Once you find her, let her know. "I need help winning more jobs." She will likely get you some opportunities.

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