The sections of a construction prequalification application

A construction prequalification application is to evaluate the capabilities of a contractor or construction company. The sections of a construction prequalification application may vary depending on the specific requirements of the project and the organization that is administering the application.

However, here are some common sections that may be included in a construction prequalification application:

Basic Company Information

This section usually includes basic information about the contractor, such as company name, address, website, phone, invitation to bid contact, working region, type of contractor, and trade speciality. Most people at your company should know this information.

Experience and Qualifications

This section may include number of years in business, number of employees, areas of expertise, union affiliations, types of projects interested in, and relevant certifications or licenses (mbe, wbe, small business).

Project History

This section may ask for current projects and projects from the last 5 years, you need to lists about the company's previous construction projects, including the scope of work, budget, schedule, and any challenges or issues that arose during the project.

Financial Information

Income statement and balance sheet numbers, annual revenues last 5 years, largest contract last 5 years, line of credit, bank references, accountant contact info, and DUNS number. This section for financial information about assets, liabilities, and credit history.


Safety programs or policies in place to prevent accidents and injuries on the job site. RIR, OSHA, LTIR, FHW, DART rate, Substance abuse policy, Site safety meetings, Accident investigation program, Warranty contact person, and Safety representative contact.

Insurance and Bonding

Insurance coverage and bonding capacity to ensure that they have the financial resources to complete the project. Insurance Broker agent, expiration dates, EMR, coverage limits, and Surety Rating.


This section may ask for Name, Phone, Company, and Industry from previous professionals who can vouch for the company's work and reliability.


Been involved in litigation, Ever involved in Bankruptcy, Subject of a criminal investigation

Shipping/ Receiving

Fedex Account Number, UPS Account Number


Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter

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