Plans and pricing

Discover the perfect plan tailored to your needs, as pricing varies depending on the specific products you choose. Enjoy the flexibility of monthly payments for all our services, which include both month-to-month subscriptions and convenient single in-app one-time purchases.  See more


Create an account

Enter your first name, last name, and business email address, create a password. You now have an account within Ganapro.


Enter your email address and password to access the Ganarpro platform.

What’s included in my free trial?

This trial includes full access to Ganapro Projects, Ganapro Cleanup Calculator, Ganapro Proposal, and Ganapro PreQualify. You are allowed 10 actions to be made throughout all 4 apps, then you are prompted to subscribe to a plan.

Subscribe to individual plans

Ganarpro provides multiple products that solve different problems. You can subscribe to each plan individually or combine products or purchase an all product license.

Subscribe to all plans

Ganarpro has 1 product that combines all applications. You are able to use every service that Ganarpro has to offer.

Adding apps to your account while inside app

If you have tried Projects, but 2 months later you would like to add Calculator, you can subscribe to new products at anytime by using the pricing page https://app.ganarpro.com/pricing


At this time , there is not an Admin console where you can see your products you are subscribed to. You can not cancel inside the application. To cancel, simply email support@ganarpro.com and we will cancel your subscription

How do I download and install Ganarpro?

Ganarpro is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, using any device, without requiring any downloads.

When does the free trial period officially begin?

The free trial period begins after you create a new account. You are credited 10 free actions throughout the platform. On the 11th action, you will be asked to subscribe to a plan.

Can one organization have multiple Individual accounts?

Plans are designed for businesses with one user. Our terms of use do not allow multiple Individual accounts in an organization. We are creating an option to add more that 1 user to your team/organization.

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