State Labor Rates

The cost to hire a cleaning labor can vary widely based on a number of factors, such as the location, the type of cleaning service needed, the size of the cleaning project, and the experience and skill level of the laborer. Additionally, some states have higher or lower labor costs due to differences in minimum wage laws, cost of living, and other economic factors.

There are a number of sources that can provide information on labor rates for cleaning services, including:

Government data : Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides data on average hourly wages for 47-2061 Construction Laborers. Click box to see actual data source. Ganarpro gets hourly rates from 37-2019 Building Cleaning Workers, All Other

What is a laborer

Construction Laborers Perform tasks involving physical labor at construction sites. May clean and prepare sites, can be classified under “Helpers, Construction Trades” (47-3010). Excludes “Hazardous Materials Removal Workers” (47-4041).

Ganarpo Cleanup Rates

Quickly view rates labor rates per state, view price per day, and view square foot prices per project type. The average cost to pay cleaning labor for construction cleanup help is $20 per hour.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Construction Clean Partners, Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and HomeAdvisor can provide you with quotes from local cleaning professionals.

Industry associations

Industry associations like the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) may have information on average cleaning labor rates for your area.

Local classified ads

Check your local newspaper or online classifieds like Craigslist to find advertisements from local cleaning professionals advertising their services and rates.

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