Optimizing Your Construction Site Visit: Essential Questions and Strategies

Conducting a site visit with the superintendent is a pivotal step in securing a construction contract. This visit not only allows you to meet the key individual managing all subcontractors on site but also offers a prime opportunity to gauge the scope of work directly. Understanding what questions to ask is crucial for accurately determining your service quote, especially in light of the site’s organization and the overall stress levels, which can influence pricing. Here are essential questions to guide your discussion and help you craft a competitive bid:

Meeting the Superintendent

Introduction: Visiting the site with the superintendent is crucial for securing a construction contract. This is your opportunity to meet the person who will be your daily point of contact and understand the dynamics of managing subcontractors on the job.

What to Ask

Clarification: If there are both a project manager and a superintendent, make sure to mention that you are there to confirm the project’s scope as per the project manager’s instructions.

Key Questions to Guide Your Visit

Scope and Competition:

  • How many companies are competing for this contract?
  • What is your estimated timeframe for the process?
  • How many workers are expected to be on-site?

Scheduling and Coordination:

  • What are the working hours for this project? Are we looking at day or night shifts?
  • Will we be working in conjunction with other trades, such as painters?

Budget and Bidding:

  • Is there a set budget?
  • What would be a competitive bid for this project?
  • Competitive Pricing: “To make our proposal more appealing, what pricing range are you considering?”

Specific Requirements:

  • How many coats of wax are needed for the VCT flooring?
  • What is the total square footage that needs service?
  • Will each designated space need service once, or are multiple phases like rough, final, and touch-up cleans expected?

Equipment and Communication:

  • Can we use your lift for high areas, or should we coordinate with another subcontractor?
  • Should the proposal be sent directly to you or to the project manager?

Additional Verification:

  • Could we review the architectural drawings together to verify the square footage and specific areas requiring service?

During the Walkthrough

Practical Assessment: As you walk through the site, ask specific questions like, “Is this area included in our service responsibilities?”


Final Thoughts: A well-prepared site visit with the superintendent is key to understanding and successfully bidding for a construction project. Remember, a successful site visit is as much about listening and observing as it is about asking the right questions. Gauge the site’s dynamics, note the superintendent’s concerns, and use this information to tailor your proposal effectively. Happy site visiting!

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