Ganarpro Business

Discover commercial construction opportunities and streamline your business operations

Access project data via the Project Board map and the Project Research table to discover bidding and active construction projects across North America, including contact information for decision-makers from commercial general contractors.

For all construction trades seeking to explore new business opportunities in commercial construction, our platform offers specialized resources tailored to your needs. Please be aware that it does not feature calculator or proposal tools.

Efficiently prequalify with construction companies at scale using the PreQualify App and QualKey. Access thousands of prequalification applications that need completion. Simply fill in QualKey by answering questions about your company, and use this data to populate prequalification applications.

Download up to 50 contacts daily using Contact Outreach and email them directly from your Gmail to instantly uncover new opportunities—an effective method to get added to construction company bid lists. Additionally, use the Site Visit Sheet to take notes during site visits for estimation purposes.

How it works?

With Ganarpro Business, find new construction opportunities with Project Board,  Project Research, PlanRoom, PreQualify, and Contact Outreach.  Our services instatnly give access to data that will grow your contracting business in North America commercial construction.  Market your company through Capability Statement and organize your business data with QualKey.

Ganarpro Business

Why Ganarpro Business?

Ganarpro Business is a comprehensive, pre-populated application designed to help you identify construction opportunities and streamline your pre-qualification process.  Access all Ganarpro services without the Calculator or Proposal generator apps.

Use cases

Construction project leads

Construction bidding opportunities across North America, constructed by commercial general contractors.

Organize your business

Utilize QualKey for comprehensive questions to pre-qualification and pre-contract inquiries. Craft concise Capability Statements for efficient customer communication.

Manage prequalification process

Use PreQualify to segment by state or province, access blank applications, store your completed applications, and make notes on your process.

Find more opportunities

Through Contact Outreach, download key contacts to introduce your company, or use PlanRoom to access company websites and view their bidding projects.