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How the Calculator Works in Ganarpro: A Simplified Guide

Ganarpro makes pricing construction cleaning tasks straightforward. Here’s how you can use it to get your estimates right:

1. Calculate by Square Footage: The most popular method is to base your price on the cleanable square footage of the building. You can find this information in the bid invitation or by examining the architectural plans, where it’s usually listed on the cover page. If you’re unsure, asking the project manager or estimator is a good idea, as they often know this detail.

2. Price by Number of Units: For projects like apartment buildings, you can set a price per unit that includes cleaning common areas such as hallways and amenities. This method simplifies the estimation process by focusing on the number of units rather than the total square footage.

3. Daily Estimates: Another approach is to estimate how many days the cleaning will take and multiply it by a daily rate. For example, if you think the job will take 4 days and you charge $1200 per day for a team of 4 working about 7-8 hours, that’s your estimate.

Don’t forget to consider the building’s height, especially for tasks like window cleaning. Ganarpro can calculate prices for buildings up to 50 stories, taking into account the need for special equipment and insurance for higher floors.

Cleaning is typically divided into three phases: rough clean, final clean, and touch-up (fluff) clean. Each has its focus, from removing heavy dust to making everything shine, including windows. It’s crucial to manage and protect your work from other trades to avoid re-cleaning spaces unnecessarily.

Managing costs is vital, with labor being the most significant expense. It’s essential to account for all aspects of the job, including mobilization costs (like gas and travel time) and supplies. Insurance is another major cost factor, but necessary for taking on substantial contracts.

Ganarpro’s calculator is designed to help you understand your costs and profit, whether you handle the cleaning in-house or outsource it. It offers two methods for calculating costs, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the best approach for your business.

Remember, pricing isn’t just about throwing out a number; it’s about understanding your costs and ensuring you can complete the job efficiently and profitably. Good luck, and price smartly!

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