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How to win Cleaning Contracts from General Contractors

Post-construction cleaning plays a pivotal role in completing any building project. Once the construction dust settles and the final touches are applied, it is your responsibility as a cleaning company to transform the site into a clean space ready for the owners to move in.

Winning cleaning contracts from General Contractors is essential for your company to thrive in the competitive construction industry. In this article, we will explore the strategies and factors that enable post-construction cleaning companies to secure lucrative cleaning contracts from General Contractors.

Submitting Bids during Pre-Construction:

Post-construction cleaning companies can gain an advantage by submitting bids to General Contractors during the pre-construction phase. 

When you participate in the bidding process, you help general contractors to estimate the overall project costs more accurately. This proactive approach demonstrates your company’s commitment to collaboration, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. 

It also allows you to establish a rapport with the general contractor early on, increasing your chances of securing the cleaning contract when the time comes.

Offering Competitive Pricing:

Pricing is arguably the most significant factor in the decision-making process for Project Managers when selecting a post-construction cleaning company. 

Cleaning companies must offer competitive and transparent pricing structures that align with the project’s scope and budget. While low prices may attract attention, it is crucial to strike a balance between affordability and the quality of service provided. 

By presenting competitive pricing options, backed by a clear breakdown of the cleaning tasks and deliverables, you can demonstrate your value proposition to general contractors.

Following Up: Following up on your proposal, whether you submitted it during the bidding process or when the job was already in progress, tells the Project Manager that you are truly interested in the job. It puts you on his face. If you are lucky, he may just ask you to redo your proposal to fit his budget.

Most cleaning companies submit and relax. Wrong approach, submit and follow up in a strategic manner. 

We will talk about strategies for following up in another article.

Demonstrating Compliance with Safety Regulations:

Safety is paramount in the construction industry, and General Contractors prioritize working with cleaning companies that adhere to strict safety protocols. 

Post-construction cleaning involves handling potentially hazardous materials, using heavy-duty equipment, and working in potentially dangerous environments. 

Companies that prioritize safety by providing appropriate training to their staff, utilizing proper protective gear, and implementing effective safety measures demonstrate their commitment to a secure working environment.

Investing in OSHA training and developing a safety manual for your workers is a good start.

Compliance with safety regulations enhances the reputation of the cleaning company and instills confidence in general contractors.

Specialized Cleaning Expertise:

Post-construction cleaning is a specialized field that requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. Cleaning companies that focus on this niche understand the unique challenges involved in removing construction debris, dust, and other residues effectively. 

By offering specialized services tailored to post-construction needs, these companies showcase their understanding of the intricacies involved in cleaning different surfaces, materials, and areas. General contractors are more likely to choose a cleaning company that possesses the necessary expertise to handle the specific cleaning requirements of their projects.

Establishing a Strong Reputation:

Building a solid reputation is crucial for post-construction cleaning companies seeking to win contracts from general contractors. Reputation is built upon consistently delivering exceptional cleaning services, meeting deadlines, and maintaining high-quality standards. 

Companies that demonstrate a track record of professionalism, reliability, and efficiency gain the trust and confidence of General Contractors, who rely on their expertise to ensure the project’s successful completion.

Providing Flexibility and Customization:

Every construction project is unique, and general contractors appreciate cleaning companies that can adapt to specific project requirements. Post-construction cleaning companies should be flexible in terms of scheduling, able to accommodate tight timelines and adjust their cleaning processes to fit the project’s needs. 

Offering customized cleaning plans, tailored to the size, complexity, and specifications of the project, showcases the cleaning company’s dedication to providing personalized solutions. This level of flexibility increases the chances of securing cleaning contracts from general contractors.

Excellent Communication and Customer Service:

Clear and effective communication is vital in any business relationship, and the interaction between post-construction cleaning companies and general contractors is no exception. 

Timely responses to inquiries, providing detailed proposals, and open lines of communication throughout the project are essential for building strong relationships. 

Cleaning companies that prioritize customer service, listen to the needs of the General Contractor, and promptly address any concerns or issues are more likely to be preferred partners.


Winning cleaning contracts from general contractors is a competitive endeavor for post-construction cleaning companies. By establishing a strong reputation, showcasing specialized expertise, prioritizing safety compliance, offering competitive pricing, providing flexibility and customization, submitting bids during pre-construction, and excelling in communication and customer service, cleaning companies can position themselves as trusted partners in the construction industry.

These factors combined will increase their chances of securing contracts and pave the way for successful and long-term partnerships with general contractors.

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