We analyzed 69 General Contractor Associations to gather insights

Joining a general contractor association can offer a variety of benefits, whether you’re an individual contractor or a construction company. Here are some reasons why you might consider joining one:

  • Networking Opportunities: Associations bring together industry professionals, providing a platform for meeting peers, potential clients, and business partners. This networking can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, or mentorship.
  • Access to Industry Knowledge: General contractor associations often provide members with access to industry-specific knowledge, including best practices, new technologies, and regulatory updates. This information can help you stay ahead in the field.
  • Professional Development: Associations typically offer training, certification programs, and continuing education, helping you and your team develop skills and stay updated with industry trends.
  • Advocacy and Representation: General contractor associations often engage in advocacy, representing the interests of their members at local, state, or national levels. This representation can influence legislation, safety regulations, and industry standards.
  • Discounts and Resources: Membership in an association can provide discounts on industry-related products, services, and events. Associations might also offer exclusive resources, such as templates for contracts or safety guidelines.
  • Industry Recognition: Being a member of a reputable association can boost your credibility and reputation within the industry. Clients might view membership as a sign of professionalism and commitment to industry standards.
  • Business Support: Associations often provide business support services, such as legal advice, insurance programs, or financial resources. These services can help you manage your business more effectively.
  • Community and Camaraderie: Joining an association allows you to be part of a community of like-minded professionals. This camaraderie can offer support, advice, and a sense of belonging within the industry.

The insights we gathered are

The associations are distributed across various regions, indicating a widespread presence. Most U.S. states have at least one general contractor association, with some, like Texas and California, hosting multiple chapters.

Texas leads with the highest number of associations, suggesting a dense contractor community. California, Florida, and Louisiana also have multiple chapters, pointing to a significant concentration of general contracting activities.

The dataset includes a comprehensive list of U.S. states, indicating that general contractor associations are present in nearly every region. This reflects a broad industry network across the country.

The Canadian Construction Association adds an international dimension, illustrating a cross-border connection in the general contracting sector.

While many associations are state-based, some represent specific cities or regions. This diversity could suggest a specialized focus or localized support within the general contracting industry.

Most associations have dedicated websites, indicating an online presence for networking, resource sharing, and industry updates. This digital connectivity could support a broader communication network among contractors.

Account NameBilling State/ProvinceWebsite
Carolinas Associated General ContractorsNChttp://www.cagc.org/
Associated General Contractor of Greater MilwaukeeWIhttp://agc-gm.org/
Associated General Contractors of MinnesotaMNhttps://www.agcmn.org/
Associated General Contractors of HoustonTXhttps://www.agchouston.org/
Idaho Associated General ContractorsIDhttp://www.idahoagc.org/
Associated General Contractors of New York StateNYhttps://www.agcnys.org/
Associated General Contractor New MexicoNMhttp://www.agc-nm.org/
Associated General Contractors of TennesseeTNhttp://www.tnagc.org/
Associated General Contractors of TexasTXhttps://agctx.org/
Associated General Contractors of Las VegasNVhttps://www.nvcontractors.org/
Associated General Contractors of WisconsinWIhttp://www.agcwi.org/
Louisiana Associated General ContractorsLAhttp://www.lagc.org/
Associated General Contractors of UtahUThttp://www.agc-utah.org/
Associated General Contractors of AlaskaAKhttp://www.agcak.org/
Associated General Contractors of Virginia, IncVAhttp://www.agcva.org/
Associated General Contractors of OhioOHhttp://www.agcohio.com/
Associated General Contractors of MichiganMIhttp://www.agcmichigan.org/
Associated General Contractors of VermontVThttp://www.agcvt.org/
Associated General Contractors of GeorgiaGAhttp://www.agcga.org/
Associated General Contractor of MassachusettsMAhttp://www.agcmass.org/
Associated General Contractor of North DakotaNDhttp://www.agcnd.org/
Associated General Contractor of MississippiMShttp://msagc.com/
Arizona Chapter of the Associated General ContractorsAZhttp://www.azagc.org/
Associated General Contractor of MissouriMOhttp://www.agcmo.org/
Associated General Contractors – Texas Building BranchTXhttp://www.agctbb.org/
Associated General Contractor of KentuckyKYhttp://www.agcky.org/
Associated General Contractors of Greater FloridaFL
Associated General Contractors South Texas ChapterTX
Associated General Contractor of ShreveportLA
General Building Contractors AssociationPA
Fox Valley Associated General ContractorsIL
Associated General Contractors of the Rio Grande ValleyTXhttp://www.rgvagc.org/
Associated General Contractors of South DakotaSDhttp://www.sdagc.org/
Associated General Contractors of Central Texas ChapterTXhttp://www.centexagc.org/
Associated General Contractor Florida East Coast ChapterFLhttp://www.agcfla.com/
Nebraska Building Chapter Associated General ContractorsNEhttp://www.agcnebuilders.com/
El Paso Chapter of the Associated General ContractorsTX
Associated Builders and ContractorsDChttp://www.abc.org/
Associated Construction Contractors of New JerseyNJhttp://www.accnj.org/
Associated General Contractors of Maine, Inc.MEhttp://agcmaine.org
Associated General Contractors of East TennesseeTNhttp://www.agcetn.org/
Montana Contractors’ AssociationMThttp://www.mtagc.org/
Austin Chapter of the Associated General ContractorsTXhttp://www.agcaustin.org/
Nevada Chapter Associated General ContractorsNVhttps://www.nevadaagc.org/
Associated General Contractors of Southeast TexasTXhttp://agcsetx.com/
Associated General Contractors of IllinoisILhttp://www.agcil.org/
Associated General Contractors of OklahomaOKhttp://www.agcok.com/
Central Illinois Builders of Associated General ContractorsILhttp://www.cibagc.org/
Indiana Construction AssociationIN
Contractors Association of West Virginia, Inc.WVhttp://www.cawv.org/
Associated General Contractors of ConnecticutCThttp://www.ctconstruction.org/
Delaware Contractors AssociationDEhttp://www.e-dca.org
Wyoming Contractors AssociationWYhttp://www.wyomingcontractors.org/
Associated General Contractors of WashingtonWA
Puerto Rico Chapter- Associated General ContractorsPRhttp://www.agcpr.com/
Associated General Contractors of New HampshireNHhttp://www.agcnh.org/
Associated General Contractors, Oregon-Columbia ChapterORhttp://www.agc-oregon.org/
Arkansas Chapter of the Associated General ContractorsARhttp://www.agcar.net/
Associated General Contractors of IowaIAhttp://www.agcia.org/
Associated General Contractors of Kansas, Inc.KShttp://agcks.org/
General Contractors Association of HawaiiHIhttp://www.gcahawaii.org/
Maryland Chapter of the Associated General ContractorsMDhttps://www.marylandagc.org/
Canadian Construction AssociationCNhttp://www.cca-acc.com/en/
Rhode Island Chapter of Associated General ContractorsRIhttp://www.riagc.org/
Associated General Contractors of Metro DCVAhttp://www.agcofdc.org/
Associated General Contractors of AmericaVAhttp://www.agc.org/
Associated General Contractors of CaliforniaCAhttp://www.agc-ca.org/
Associated General Contractors SAN DIEGO CHAPTERCAhttp://www.agcsd.org/
Associated General Contractors of ColoradoCOhttps://www.agccolorado.org/