GC Planify Announces Collaborative Initiative to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Illinois Construction Industry


GC Planify, an innovative solution promoting diversity and inclusion in the construction sector, is excited to announce its latest collaboration with renowned organizations in Illinois. This initiative aims to further its mission of enhancing DEI within the construction domain, highlighting efforts, and reporting data that underscores the importance of a diverse industry.

Key collaborations include:

  • Chicago Tribune – Ensuring widespread coverage and awareness within Chicago and beyond.
  • Illinois Department of Transportation – Highlighting the importance of DEI in public transportation projects.
  • Chicago Housing Authority and Housing Authorities of Cook County, Lake County, DuPage, Freeport, and Bloomington – Working towards a more inclusive approach in housing projects.
  • Chicago Business Journal and Illinois Business Journal – Reaching out to the business community to promote the significance of DEI.
  • Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc., and Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council – Establishing ties with businesses keen on diversifying their supply chains.
  • Associated General Contractors of Illinois, Central Illinois Builders of AGC, and Fox Valley AGC – Strengthening bonds with the construction industry’s core, ensuring DEI remains a forefront issue.

About GC Planify

GC Planify: Your Comprehensive Solution to Diverse & Inclusive Construction.

Our platform specializes in WMBE recruitment options, providing in-depth DEI reporting in construction. We stand apart with our annual fee structure and provide an optional project portal for ITBs. Our unique executive recruiter section places an emphasis on connecting firms with high talent individuals from the Black community.

Organizations and businesses keen on fostering diversity in their operations now have an ally in GC Planify. We invite all to join our movement in reinventing construction networking through diversity.

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