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Search for new contract opportunities with Ganarpro Project Board.

Finding new sales opportunities is a fundamental component of any business. In construction, constant bidding is necessary to win new contracts. Construction companies request quotes from subcontractors. Normally, the lowest priced bid, plus the most responsible company, is awarded the commercial construction contract. Correctly identifying the easiest-to-win opportunities near your company, and collaborating with reputable companies, is ideal for making your company the most efficient and productive.


Who needs Project Board

Project Board is critical for many types of businesses, especially:

  • Subcontractors who service projects towards the end of the project construction. Finishing trades- paint, drywall, cleaning, flooring, and other subcontractors such as plumbing, electrical, hvac, glazing, concrete, landscaping and carpentry.
  • General contractors benefit as it enables them to actively solicit bids from subcontractors and effectively engage with subcontractors in areas with limited reach.
  • Information broker or intermediary who relies on providing information to fulfill their clients’ needs.

Project Board can provide these businesses with a clear picture of bidding and active construction projects in North America.

As businesses scale and the need to keep your crew busy increases, the process of searching for project bidding opportunities can quickly become complicated. For subcontracting businesses that need to bid on projects, collaborate with general contractors, and avoid wasting time, Project Board can be particularly valuable. This is because all these categories are automated or provided through your Project Board service.

Common bidding rules

Construction operations exist within a competitive bidding environment where projects are made available through Invitation to Bid requests. Occasionally, public bid openings take place. Certain general contractors may require businesses to meet qualification criteria before entering into initial contracts.

Ganarpro Project Board

Ganarpro Project Board helps you simplify the process of finding new construction projects for your bidding and sales process without the need for hiring a large sales team.

  • Map view with location pins for a visual glance
  • Data table that matches the map pins.
  • Project details page for a full view of the construction project
  • Save searches, archive, and favorite projects .

What it does

1. Displays Active and Historical Building Projects: It provides a comprehensive view of both ongoing and completed building construction projects across North America.

2. Enables Mass Emailing to Decision Makers: The tool allows you to send bulk emails to key decision-makers directly from the map page, using customizable templates.

3. Search Saving for Target Market Analysis: You have the capability to save specific searches, enabling easy revisiting and analysis of your target markets.

4. Access to Detailed Project Information: You can delve into detailed information about each project, including contacts, key dates, client details, and more.

5. Commenting and Note-Taking Feature: The tool offers a feature to make comments or notes on individual projects, which can be used to track your activities or record important observations.

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