Unlocking a Powerful Commercial Project Lead Source with Ganarpro Planroom

Discovering lucrative business opportunities in commercial construction has traditionally been a time-consuming and costly endeavor. However, Ganarpro Planroom introduces a secret weapon that revolutionizes the process. By implementing a scheduled approach to visit Ganarpro planroom accounts, your company can establish a reliable and consistent source of high-converting commercial project leads.

Find new projects and companies

Gain entry to the extensive database of companies within Ganarpro Planroom, which provides access to pages featuring preconstruction and work-in-progress projects.

Analyze the project to quote

Streamline the bidding process by extracting project details from your company’s planroom and seamlessly inputting them into Ganarpro Calculator. This allows you to swiftly generate accurate bid amounts without delay.

Create a new marketing source for your company

Leveraging Planrooms in Construction Marketing

Marketing efforts in the construction industry primarily focus on attracting and generating inbound leads. In other words, marketing strategies and activities are primarily aimed at drawing potential customers or clients to the construction company rather than actively reaching out or pursuing leads through outbound methods. 


Streamline Your Planroom Search Process

Enhance the planroom tracking process by incorporating the date of your last visit or indicating the upcoming visit date. Additionally, it is recommended to take notes during your planroom visits to facilitate future actions and identify potential opportunities. In case you encounter any issues with a planroom, utilize the Flag feature to report the error, enabling Ganarpro to promptly update and activate the link.

Developing Focused Lists

You have the flexibility to choose one or multiple working regions to be included in the planroom list. The selection options in the dropdown menu are based on the states/provinces where the company operates, rather than just the office location.

Ganarpro Find Products

Ganarpro Projects

Ganarpro PreQualify

Ganarpro Planroom

Find fresh business opportunities and expand your customer base.

The Ganarpro Find Products Catalog is a valuable resource for construction industry professionals, allowing them to efficiently search, explore, and access real-time project and company data. It continuously updates with new bidding and under construction projects, planrooms, and subcontractor applications. By providing easy access to this information, organizations can focus on refining and replicating successful sales strategies rather than spending time constantly training their sales staff.

Ganarpro planify

Efficiently Price Bids by Transferring Project Details from Company Plan room to Ganarpro Calculator

Ganarpro enables businesses to connect with the leading commercial general contractors.

Ganarpro Planroom use cases

Obtain lists of companies based on their operating regions.

Choose a state/province and obtain a comprehensive list of approximately 40 general contractors for each region. Each list includes a blank application that can be filled out in either PDF or webpage format.


Do you have a specific company in mind that you would like to connect with?

If you spot a construction site with the name of a general contractor on the fence, you can visit Ganarpo PreQualify and search for the company name. It is likely that you will find a result with an application that enables you to connect instantly.


Compiling your company information in one place

Ganarpro is currently developing Prequal Masterkey, a comprehensive form that will compile all the questions featured in each subcontractor application. This tool will assist your company in filling out applications with fewer mistakes and in less time. The sections in Prequal Masterkey include Basic company, Company info continued, Socials, Organization details, Project history, Current work in progress, Completed in the last 5 years, Insurance, Safety, Finance, Suppliers, Legal, and Shipping/Receiving.