A Construction Trades Guide to Building and Finishing

Insights into each trade’s role and responsibilities within the industry. Covering everything from Surveying (01050) to Electrical (16050), our guide breaks down complex processes into easy-to-understand segments. Learn the intricacies of Materials Testing, Earthwork, Site Utilities, Structural Steel, Carpentry, Insulation, Plumbing, HVAC, and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this guide is your comprehensive reference to understanding the vast landscape of construction trades, ensuring every project is handled with expertise and precision.

Expanded Key Topics and Content

  1. Building Layout and As-Builts (01 00):
    • Techniques in building layout planning and creating as-built drawings.
  2. Temporary Site Setup (01 50):
    • Setting up temporary toilets, office trailers, and dumpster services.
  3. Construction Building Cleaning:
    • Strategies for both rough and final cleaning phases in construction.
  4. Foundations and Concrete Work (03 00):
    • Detailed look into foundations, slab on grade, elevated slabs, stair pans, and concrete pumping.
  5. Masonry and Standard CMU (04 00):
    • Techniques and materials in masonry construction.
  6. Miscellaneous and Structural Steel (05 00):
    • In-depth understanding of steel structures, metal decking, and cold-formed metal framing.
  7. Wood Block Construction (06 10) and Millwork (06 20):
    • Wood block construction methods and custom millwork.
  8. Waterproofing and Insulation (07 10-07 20):
    • Waterproofing techniques and insulation methods for energy efficiency.
  9. Roofing Systems (07 30):
    • Installation of TPO roofing and related flashings and copings.
  10. Sealants and Fire Safing (07 90):
    • Application of sealants and fire safing in construction joints and stairwells.
  11. Doors, Windows, and Glass Systems (08 10-08 40):
    • Installation of various door types, storefront systems, and specialty glass.
  12. Flooring and Wall Finishes (09 20-09 70):
    • Techniques in installing carpet, ceramic tile, VCT, and wall coverings.
  13. Restroom and Safety Accessories (10 20):
    • Installation of restroom accessories and safety features like fire extinguishers.
  14. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (13 34):
    • Construction and installation of pre-engineered metal buildings.
  15. Plumbing and HVAC Systems (22 00-24 00):
    • Detailed plumbing setups and HVAC installations, including gas lines and equipment connections.
  16. Electrical and Lighting (26 00):
    • Electrical installations, fire alarms, and site lighting considerations.
  17. Demolition and Site Preparation (31 00):
    • Strategies for building demolition, site clearing, and storm sewer installation.
  18. Parking and Exterior Finishes (32 12-32 13):
    • Parking striping and exterior finishes like curb and gutter installations.

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