Estimate final cleanup, create cleaning proposals, and find project data in real time

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What we offer

A more direct path to price and create a winning bid

Merging of data for less typing

Projects app talks to the Calculator and you can push projects from the calculator to the proposal generator

Construction cleanup calculator

Use square footage, project type, and bidding project location to create winning estimate

Cleanup proposal templates

Access 20+ scope of work templates to use for your business


A way to accurately price the final clean scope and see your predicted costs and pfots.

Give your whole team the power to estimate.  Use the calculator and proposal generator to submit bids to estimators and project managers.

This is where Ganarpro comes in. Here’s how.


Analysis of costs and profits

This tool can be used per project basis or to analyze a whole business.  Take a $2million bid amount, and view your cost and profit on $2m revenue in construction cleaning.

Get quick ideas of how much resources it will take to 


Standardized proposals and pricing models

We make it possible for you to view a project, then estimate the cleaning scope, then create a proposal- all from within our platform.

With tools that are built to help you keep up with the ever-growing number of competitors, you can speed up your bidding and sales. This means you can spend less time with waiting on the phone to ring, and more time pricing and creating proposals.

Create cleanup proposals

Cleanup Scope of Work Templates

Proposal templates

Select between 32 construction cleanup templates based on building project type.  At this time, Ganarpro does not have templates for other trades.


Need projects to estimate

We allow you to search a map of bidding and active projects, view project details, and analyze data from anywhere in the world. Our projects data bring previously hidden opportunities to the surface. So you can quickly connect the dots that lead to more valuable insights. 

Get quick ideas of how much resources it will take to