Ganarpro’s portfolio covers a wide range of functionalities that facilitate the end-to-end process of construction project management and client acquisition, with a focus on ease of use and efficiency in managing large amounts of data and communications.

1. Explore Construction Project Listings

  • Project Board: An interactive map to locate construction projects at different stages. Users can filter projects based on criteria such as stage, size, and project type and obtain detailed information by interacting with map pins.
  • Project Research Table: A database that compiles Ganarpro’s collected project data, allowing users to view various project details such as names, sizes, locations, contractor names, and project types.
  • PlanRoom: A managed database for company plan rooms, which provides new bidding opportunities and enables users to take and store notes on each company.

2. Estimation Calculator

  • Cleanup Calculator: A tool specifically for the construction cleaning scope, which allows for the pricing of bids based on the square footage of buildings, with the option to analyze the cost and profit of each project.
  • Cleanup Rates: A feature to quickly access average cleaning rates by location and adjust pricing based on square footage.

3. Proposals

  • Proposal Generator: A document generator that creates proposals with templates based on the scope of work for different project types. It also includes storage for these proposals.
  • Templates: Allows users to download various templates tailored to different types of construction projects.

4. Find Construction Clients

  • PreQualify: A managed database containing construction company prequalification applications, which can be downloaded or accessed online. It also provides a feature to take notes and upload completed applications.

5. Centralize Company Information

  • QualKey: A centralized repository for storing all relevant company information to streamline vendor application processes. This system can be accessed, managed, and updated from one location.
  • Capability Statement: A tool for generating a one-page document that markets a business by highlighting its core competencies.

6. Email Marketing

  • Contact Outreach: A database with contact information for top estimating and project management professionals in North America, segmented by working location. It includes pre-designed email templates for common communication needs in the construction industry, such as project updates, bid invitations, and partnership opportunities.

To summarize the functionality of Ganarpro’s Technology

Ganarpro offers a suite of construction management tools: an interactive Project Board for tracking projects, a Project Research Table for detailed project insights, and PlanRoom for bid opportunities. The Cleanup Calculator and Cleanup Rates assist with bidding and pricing. Proposal Generator and Templates streamline proposal creation. PreQualify offers a database for client acquisition, QualKey centralizes company data, and Capability Statement markets competencies. Contact Outreach provides email marketing resources for industry professionals.