Understand your actions in Ganarpro

In Ganarpro, work happens in each application.  You can click on projects, estimate construction cleaning, create construction cleanup proposals, and access prequalification applications. 

In the top header of every page, you can see a blue plus sign.  This is a Create new quick action button.  The drop down options lead to service pages that you can make actions on.

Defining an action

When you make a move or click special item, Ganarpro considers this an action. Free trial users are credited 10 actions, and paid users get unlimited actions.

Project Board: Click project details

Clicking a project detail from the map page is considered an action. Project details contain Description, Contacts, Important dates, and Company. Searching using the map is not an action.

Cleanup Calculator: Square foot size and save estimate

The square footage field is counted as an action. You can configure the location, and the number of cleans, plus the building project type, but the building square foot size is an action. Save estimate is also an action.

Cleanup proposal: Save proposal

The action is to generate or save a proposal. Then you can download the document to word. You can not share proposals with customers at this time. In cleanup proposal you can view the different scope of work templates and input your company branding on your templates, but an action is considered as generating a document.


Clicking on a file image to open the subcontractor application for this general contractor.

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