How to use Ganarpro: your quick start guide

Welcome to Ganapro — a  configure, price, quote app for business. Ganapro transforms the way organizations find projects, and create quotes by bringing data and tools together to work on  one unified platform.

To get started, login to the app and check out the tools for free.

ganarpro homepage

Home Dashboard

View application options, open the sidebar, view/ edit user profile.


From the sidebar, you can access all applications, billing, and reset password. You can open and close the sidebar by clicking outside of the sidebar.

Navigation bar

Use the navigation bar to log in, visit user profile, Create new Quick Action, billing, and view free trial credits.

Create new quick action

The plus sign next to pricing is a drop down to create new. Estimate, Proposal, Capability Statement, QualKey, Opportunity search, Prequalify search, PlanRoom search

Services as apps

On the homepage you can view all services Ganarpro has to offer.

Useful Links

At the bottom of the Homepage, view 4 clickable Useful Links: Technical Documentation, Getting Started, Ganarpro Services, Subscriptions,

Cleanup Proposal

Access construction cleanup templates and the Proposal Generator for swift and efficient creation of construction cleaning proposals. Streamlines the proposal-making process and quickly produces professional bids for construction cleanup projects.


Need to find new customers: Access blank subcontractor applications from commercial general contractors. Segment lists by state and find new customers. Fill in and submit the application to general contractor. Upload filled in apps in Ganarpro for storage and management.

Integrated apps on one platform

Currently you can create a proposal from an estimate, the roadmap includes having a button on the project that will create an estimate, create a proposal, and send directly to the related decision maker contacts, then store the proposal in Ganarpro for later management. From Projects you will be able to download the prequalification application for that customer.

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