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Roadmap of Ganarpro Cloud Services.

Ganarpro Capability Statement

Capability Statement

Single-page marketing, sales, and compliance solution, available as a PDF or shareable public link.  Document creation

Cleanup Calculator

Effortlessly estimate construction cleaning bid amounts, predict costs, and foresee profits. Save, download, and create proposals from estimates seamlessly.

Cleanup Proposal

Access construction cleanup templates and the Proposal Generator for creation of construction cleaning proposals. Streamlines the proposal-making process and quickly produces professional bids for construction cleanup projects.

Ganarpro contact outreach

Contact Outreach

Segment key contacts by location and Send mass emails with pre-written email templates.  (Mailchimp for construction)

site visit sheet

Site Visit Sheet

A one-page site visit questionnaire including 13 essential questions to ask the superintendent for a comprehensive grasp of the project scope.

ganarpro planrooms


Explore company plan rooms to discover new bidding opportunities. Utilize date visited features to efficiently manage your last and upcoming visits.

prequel masterkey


A set of forms that simplifies the prequalification process for businesses by providing a set of common questions in one centralized form. It enables users to gather and manage their company details efficiently, saving time and resources while ensuring a comprehensive and professional prequalification application.


Gain access to comprehensive and up-to-date construction project details, primarily designed to enhance opportunities through location-based searches across North America.

Ganarpro planify


Easily access blank subcontractor applications from various construction companies, fill them out, and submit to become prequalified hassle-free.