Average construction cleaning rates

The Ganarpro Cleanup Calculator presents an innovative solution, furnishing an Hourly Rate tailored to your specific state. By choosing the type of building project, you can promptly access a precise square foot price. Additionally, the app showcases three other prevalent pricing inquiries. Conveniently located at the app’s bottom, a scrolling feature enables swift estimation of cleaning costs for projects of varying sizes – from compact to extensive.

Crafting Hourly Rates Based on Labor Realities

The foundation lies in the geographical aspect, as we derive an hourly rate by amalgamating typical labor costs. A single nationwide average price serves as our benchmark, against which we gauge the rates in different states. The pricing fluctuations are determined by the relative labor expenses – a reflection of costlier or more economical labor markets. It’s important to note that our pricing models do not encompass tax considerations.

Customizable Numeric Fields for Your Unique Rates

We acknowledge the potential variations in your pricing compared to our model. Each of the five numeric fields is customizable and will be automatically saved at your specified value. The Price per sq ft has a direct impact on the bottom scrolling section, influencing the computation of the Estimated Cleaning Price. By configuring these rates, you can generate a pricing table tailored to your clients.

Utilizing rates is the swiftest and most precise method for estimating cleaning prices.

Hourly Price

Frequently, project managers request an hourly rate to assess your business acumen. Hourly rates are also essential for day laborer contracts and change orders that operate on a time and material basis, constituting a crucial component in determining the man-hour price.


Price per sq. ft

The prevailing approach to pricing involves calculating per square foot of the structure. This is achieved by multiplying the size by the designated price per square foot. Within the Rates app, this particular field governs the lower slider. It’s important to note that our pricing solely pertains to the Final clean and does not encompass any Rough or Fluff clean additions.

Apt. Hotel, Living Units

The Multifamily category stands as the prevailing building project type.  Unit pricing emerging as the second most frequent method following pricing per square footage.

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