We will use a dedicated email address that you create for all communications. ( you have to create a new email address or use an old email address that you already own, this must be a business email address, not a @gmail.com)

A Ganarpro expert will submit quotes for all Ganarpro projects using your company name through this email address.

Subscription Requirements:

  • Ganarpro Subscription with Projects App: If you have this subscription, your Ganarpro expert will use your account.
  • No Ganarpro Subscription: We will use our Ganarpro app account on your behalf.

Quote Submission Process:

  • Initial Quote: We will submit one quote for each project.
  • Follow-up Quote: We will submit one follow-up quote for each project.

You can view and modify these two emails as needed.

Monthly Outreach:

Once a month, we will conduct a mass email push to historical and open projects in our system, using your company name.

Invitation to Bid:

You can send your invitation to bid requests to our shared email address. Your Ganarpro expert will add these projects to Ganarpro to be included in the quoting rounds.


  • We will not add ITB requests that do not include a contact person’s email in the invite.
  • We will not add ITBs for projects under 5,000 sq ft.


Our goal is to help your company win projects through this process. In return, we expect a 10% commission from all payments you receive from awarded projects resulting from our outbound activity.