List of Connecticut Labor Unions

  1. BRIdgEpoRT Local Union 665
    • Territory: Bridgeport, CT
    • Website: Not specified
  2. NoRwaLk Local Union 146
    • Territory: Norwalk, CT
    • Website: Not specified
  3. Local 230
    • Territory: Hartford, CT
    • Website: Not specified
  4. NEw HavEN Local Union 455
    • Territory: New Haven, CT
    • Website: Not specified
  5. NEw LoNdoN Local Union 547
    • Territory: New London, CT
    • Website: Not specified
  6. Local 611
    • Territory: Not specified
    • Website: Not specified
  7. Local 675
    • Territory: Not specified
    • Website: Not specified
  8. Local 136

Certifications and Programs

Many of these unions offer various certifications and training programs to ensure that their members are highly skilled and meet industry standards. These programs often include:

  • Apprenticeship Programs: Offering hands-on training and education in various trades.
  • Safety Certifications: Providing training on workplace safety standards and practices.
  • Skill Enhancement Courses: Offering advanced training for experienced workers to improve their skills.

Additional Resources

For further information on labor unions in Connecticut, you can visit the following websites: