Why Choose Ganarpro over Dodge Data and Analytics?

Did you know Dodge Data & Analytics does not provide tools to help you win the project.  Ganarpro is currently the only provider with a near-complete suite of find-lead to-quote applications in the cloud—having spent ten thousands writing code to create Ganarpro


Data accuracy projects and contractors

Ganarpro updates its data on a daily basis, exhibiting comprehensive project and company particulars that serve the purpose of bidding and prequalification application requirements.

Configure, Price, Quote

Increase bid accuracy and deal profitability with predictive cost and profit analytics and forecasting capabilities that remove all guesswork.

Proposal templates

Use approved building type specific scope of work construction cleaning proposal templates, plus use a document generator to quickly create quotes.


Subscribe for $44.99 or you can select an individual product for as low as $19.99

Unreliable data

Unlimited project posting allows general contractors to post jobs, even those they anticipate not winning, resulting in the challenge of maintaining updated data.

Industry forecasting

Ganarpro addresses current issues, whereas Dodge provides a preliminary analysis of potential future scenarios.

Bid invites

Bid invites are emails containing job offers that the general contractor may not be successful in securing, and although they hold significance, they can be difficult to handle and no one desires an overloaded inbox.


$150 / Month


Single platform for lead-to-quote process management

High quality, accurate, daily updating bidding construction project data
Pricing, costs, and profit calculator for construction cleaning
Construction cleaning proposal templates with built in document generator
General contractor prequalification applications
Multiple low cost pricing options and no long term contracts

Rapid implementation, little to no engineering required