Why Choose Ganarpro over CleanGuru?

Only Ganarpro reliably captures every user behavior in your entire cross-platform customer journey, uses data science to pinpoint key moments of friction, then cues session replays so you can watch the exact moments of conversion, friction, and more.


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Clean Guru
Cleaning Proposals
Find projects and customers

Search projects by location, view project details with decision makers, and access prequalification applications.

Cost and Profit prediction

Increase bid accuracy and deal profitability with predictive cost and profit analytics and forecasting capabilities that remove all guesswork.


Subscribe for $44.99 or you can select an individual product for as low as $19.99

No real-time data

CleanGuru does not have a feature to gain new customers and find new business opportunities.

Bidding Calculator

CleanGuru offers a Bidding Calculator, however, it is not as advanced or precise as the one provided by Ganarpro.


$55 -$125 /mo


Single platform for lead-to-quote process management

High quality, accurate, daily updating bidding construction project data
Pricing, costs, and profit calculator for construction cleaning
Construction cleaning proposal templates with built in document generator
General contractor prequalification applications
Multiple low cost pricing options and no long term contracts

Rapid implementation, little to no engineering required