Overview: Ganarpro’s advanced construction cleanup Pricing and Proposal technology significantly enhanced the operational efficiency of FMC Services, a Pennsylvania-based cleaning company. By leveraging Ganarpro’s Calculator and Proposal Apps, FMC Services optimized its bid submission process and improved its overall business performance.

Key Points:


FMC Services faced the daunting task of submitting 60 bids per week, with only one person dedicated to this task for four hours per day. This limited capacity hindered their ability to scale operations and respond to potential business opportunities effectively.


Ganarpro provided the Basic Cleaning App, which integrated both the calculator and proposal solution. This comprehensive tool streamlined the bid preparation process, enabling FMC Services to:

  • Automate Calculations: The app’s calculator feature facilitated accurate and quick estimations of project costs, ensuring competitive yet profitable pricing.
  • Generate Standardized Proposals: The proposal solution allowed for the creation of professional and consistent proposals, enhancing the company’s professionalism and appeal to clients.
  • Expand Usability: The intuitive design of the app ensured that any team member, regardless of their expertise, could use it effectively, thereby decentralizing the bid submission process.


The integration of Ganarpro’s technology led to several substantial improvements for FMC Services:

  • Increased Bid Submissions: With the efficiency gained from the app, FMC Services was able to significantly increase the number of bids submitted weekly.
  • Enhanced Bid Responses: The quality and consistency of proposals improved, leading to a higher rate of responses from potential clients.
  • Optimized Pricing: The precise calculations enabled FMC Services to offer competitive prices that maximized their chances of winning bids while ensuring profitability.
  • Standardized Operations: The uniform proposal format and streamlined processes ensured operational consistency and professionalism across all submissions.
  • Scalability: The user-friendly app allowed multiple team members to handle bid submissions, reducing dependency on a single individual and enabling the company to scale its operations.


The integration of Ganarpro’s Pricing and Proposal technologies can drive significant improvements in bid submission rates and contract awards. For FMC Services, the adoption of the Basic Cleaning App resulted in increased efficiency, enhanced bid quality, and overall business growth. By automating and standardizing critical processes, companies can better position themselves to seize new opportunities and achieve sustainable success.