One technology platform designed to streamline your
commercial contracting business.

Ganarpro automates the lead to quote process. Real-time construction project data with integrated construction bidding business processes automations.

ganarprp project board

Commercial construction project contract opportunities

Explore the map to discover projects in your desired locations, and reach out to the decision-makers to express your interest and introduce your company.

cleanup calculator
Estimate construction cleaning with pricing calculator

Calculate construction clean estimate prices and predict costs and profits

Estimate a successful bidding amount based on the building’s square footage and consider the resources needed to effectively complete the project

cleanup calculator ganarpro
Ganarpro cleaning proposals
construction cleanup templates

Proposal templates for commercial construction cleaning services

Enhance Scope of Work Accuracy Based on Building Usage Type. Cleaning requirements can vary greatly for different establishments such as restaurants, healthcare facilities, retail stores, and educational institutions. Utilize our document generator or download our proposal templates to ensure precise and tailored cleaning scope of work for each specific usage type.

PreQualify with general contractors
Ganarpro planify

Find customers through Prequalification applications and Plan rooms

Maximize Your Bidding Opportunities: Establish Preferred Vendor or Subcontractor Status to Receive Project Invitations. Alternatively, Explore New Bidding Opportunities by Visiting Commercial Construction Builders’ Planrooms Directly.

PreQualify with general contractors
MasterKey insurance
prequel masterkey

Gather, organize, and manage your business information with Prequel MasterKey

Review the questions and provide your business specifics to use as a reference for applications that assess your business capabilities. The set comprises 240 questions from construction prequalification forms.

choose version Capability Statement Ganarpro
Ganarpro Capability Statement

Marketing document creation with Ganarpro Capability Statement

Designed to captivate both small and large enterprises, this tool offers a 1 page snapshot of your company’s core competencies. Offered with two customizable templates, you can effortlessly craft a document that resonates with your audience.  Deliver essential company details on a single page, making it comparable to the homepage of your website. 

choose version Capability Statement Ganarpro
gcplanify dei
Section 3 Covered Assistance

General Contractors, Owners, Public Agencies, Developers

Diversity and Inclusion measurement and reporting, , subcontractor network expansion, headhunting recruitment services all through GC Planify.

Ganarpro Infrastructure Overview

Learn about Ganarpro and how you can use it to easily find partners, price estimation, document creation, and overall productivity enhancement within your business workflows.

diversity and inclusion Ganarpro

Embrace Diversity & Inclusion in Construction with Ganarpro

While discrimination has long been an issue in the industry, we can decide the future. Ganarpro looks forward to working with industry leaders and unions to help ensure an inclusive workplaces for all companies. 

We recognize the urgent need for new, different, and collaborative approaches to these persistent challenges.

Ganarpro Prequalify

The benefits of prequalification

Construction companies typically require subcontractors to meet certain qualifications to ensure their ability to perform work safely, efficiently, and to a high standard. Here are some reasons why subcontractor qualification is essential in the construction industry.