One technology platform designed to streamline your
commercial contracting business.

Ganarpro powers your cleaning company with tools to win bids and earn contracts easier.

Commercial construction proejcts

Active commercial construction projects available for bidding.

Use the map to identify projects in different areas, then contact decision makers to show interest and introduce your company. 

estimate construction cleaning
Estimate construction cleaning with pricing calculator

Estimate Final Clean prices and predicts costs and profit

Calculate a winning bid amount with building square foot size.  Understand the resources required to complete the scope of work.

estimate construction cleaning
Cleanup proposal templates
construction cleanup templates

Commercial construction cleaning proposal templates

Get the scope of work correct based on building usage type. Restaurant, Healthcare, Retail, and Education all have different cleaning scopes.

Prequalify with construction companies
Prequalify with construction companies

Find new customers by submitting prequalification applications.

Becoming a preferred vendor or qualified subcontractor will allow your business to receive invitation to bid requests.  Network with the top builders in the commercial construction industry.

PreQualify with general contractors
Note taking from plans

The ways to price the final clean scope

Pricing construction cleaning can be a bit tricky, as it depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the project, the type of building, and the level of cleaning required. However, there are a few general steps you can follow to make the process easier.

The value in prequalifying

Construction firms often require subcontractors to be qualified in order to ensure that they have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and resources to perform their work safely, efficiently, and to a high standard. Here are some reasons why construction firms may want subs to qualify.